The news is official. The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

And the top celebrity stories of the week were……

1. Dear John Travolta and Oliva Newton John – your video is oh-so-cheesy but strangely compelling.  Yes, Sandy and Danny have reunited to produce perhaps the daggiest and oddly endearing Christmas song ever. Like, EVER. It’s (optimistically) called, ‘I Think You Might Like It’.

You have to watch. Right now. Because we think you might like it too.

The tune is disturbingly catchy… and the plot? Well, it’s a classic love story. Travolta flies his plane home for Christmas and parks it in the back yard, where he meets up with Newton-John in a stylised run-towards-each-other-arms-flung-wide-open-hug. Then they drive a convertible around for a while before doing some inexplicable boot-scooting with US army troops….

Incidentally, the video also features Kelly Preston (John Travolta’s wife), their 12-year-old daughter Ella Bleu and their 2-year-old son, Benjamin.

Move over Silent Night. We’ve got a new favourite carol.

2. This is how Jay-Z keeps it real – it’s one minute of awesome you won’t want to miss… [click to watch]



3. Boxer/Hangover actor Mike Tyson caught Brad Pitt in bed with his wife. That’s Mike Tyson’s wife – Robin Givens – not Brad’s wife, because he wasn’t married at the time. Following? KEEP UP.

In an interview that revealed him to be hugely sensitive and adorable, Iron Mike (who is a convicted rapist FYI) talked about how just prior to their divorce…..”I would go to my lawyer’s office to say she’s a pig and stealing, I would go to … her house to have sex with her. This particular day, someone beat me to the punch. And I guess Brad got there earlier than I did. I was mad as hell. I was going to … you should have saw his face when he saw me.”

What a catch. Why on earth would she have been sleeping with Brad Pitt when she had THAT to come home to every night…



 4. This week, Mariah Carey recorded another Christmas song.  Be careful when you listen to it – you’ll fall immediately into the Christmas spirit…

Kylie Minogue on the cover of Elle UK.


5. Doesn’t Madonna Gwen Stefani Lindsay Lohan look fierce on the cover of ELLE UK?

Actually, hello Kylie Minogue.

In the accompanying interview, 44-year-old Kylie spoke candidly about her feelings on aging – well, kind of candidly. “There are lots of times I look in the mirror and see that gravity has taken hold,” she said. “Or suddenly see my face on a phone or on Skype and it’s like a Spielberg special effect and you just scream, ‘Who is that?'”

Kylie insists her makeup-free face makes her look 94, not 44 and that she hasn’t had surgery – but hasn’t ruled it out in the future either. Kylie says women shouldn’t have to apologise about having plastic surgery done.

* cough * Can we respectfully suggest that ‘surgery’ is a slightly disenguous term to use. Does it mean she hasn’t had a facelift or that she’s never used anything other than make-up, skin cream and SPF30+? What about filler? Botox? Collagen?

Kylie, we love you but you do not have the same face as you did 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. So let’s not pretend your approach to aging is au-natural. Take a look:


“We put makeup on every day, we tint, pluck, wax, we do anything to make ourselves look as good as we can and I think it’s pointless being hypocritical about something that if it’s done well can be really good.”

“I look at someone like Jane Fonda. I’m a super fan of hers. She doesn’t apologise (about her surgery) and she shouldn’t have to. We put make-up on every day, we tint, pluck, wax, we do anything to make ourselves look as good as we can and I think it’s pointless being hypocritical about something that if it’s done well can be really good.”


6. ‘Shit my kids ruined’: because there are some things much worse than drawing on walls…. [click to see gallery]


7. Wonderful news: you can now enter a talent show such as Australian Idol, secure in the knowledge that a rude judge won’t have a go at your ‘tuckshop lady’ arms (are you listening Dicko?). Introducing:  Arm Spanx.

That’s right, your arms can now join the Spanx party and rock out with your belly, your thighs and your hips. UK department store Marks & Spencer have come up with the “Flatter Me Armwear” range so that everyone can wave goodbye to their cover-up cardigans. Without anything, you know, wobbling. Sigh.

This from the Daily Mail:

Arm spanx. Oh yes.

Available as a body or a crop top – and following on from the Flatter Me bra and knicker – Flatter Me Armwear is a long- or three-quarter-sleeved solution to strappy party dresses.

Worn beneath the outfit but over the bra, the light-control fabric promises to gently sculpt arms and ‘give a smooth and firm silhouette while the intricate lace adds a touch of glamour’.


 8. Check out these Middle Class Anarchists: the grandmother asleep at the restaurant table is our favourite… [click to see gallery]  

Kate and William. They’re having a baby!

9. For weeks now, gossip magazines have been listing signs that the Duchess of Cambridge (formerly known as Kate Middleton) is pregnant with a royal baby.

Well, pop the champagne and polish the royal china. The news is official. The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

The announcement came on Tuesday via St James Palace. In a statement they said:

“Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby. The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are delighted with the news…As the pregnancy is in its very early stages, Her Royal Highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter.”

Kate is reportedly not quite 12 weeks pregnant (although the BBC is reporting she’s two months pregnant) and was admitted to hospital earlier this week “with acute morning sickness and is expected to stay in hospital for several days.”

The baby will be third in line to the throne behind Prince Charles and Prince William. Under new British laws which came into effect last year, the child’s uncle – Prince Harry – will be bumped down the line to fourth.

We couldn’t be happier for the couple and have run some great posts this week about Kate’s pregnancy and the media attention which you can read here and here and here.


10. You know those photos you have from your childhood? This is what they would look like if you tried to take them now…  [click to see gallery]  


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