Breaking Fluff: Kim Kardashian has a fringe.

1. Thank you Kim Kardashian. With the Hollywood awards season still a couple of months away, we were starting to despair at the lack of celebrity hair transformations (well, maybe not DESPAIR…) 

The 32-year-old reality television star posted a picture of her makeover earlier in the week and surprise, she has a fringe. You can see the pictures below. Kim tweeted them with the caption: “Fun shoot today @mrchrismcmillan He just can’t control his scissor hands! #bangs”.

The most famous of the Kardashians later posted on her blog, “The bangs are fake! Just clip ons! I had a fun Cosmo cover shoot yesterday and Chris McMillan clipped these on!”


2. This AWESOME parenting rap is about to go viral. Watch it and you’ll see why [click here]


3. First photos from the wedding of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds made public. The pair married three months ago but have only just revealed the first glimpse of their super-intimate ceremony.

Martha Stewart Weddings have posted a picture of 36-year-old Reynolds and 25-year-old Lively holding hands. The image shows just a fraction of Lively’s Marchesa gown, which featured “a fitted bodice, illusion crystal beading on the shoulders, and rose-gold embroidery”.

You can see Reynolds’ Burberry suit and their wedding rings in the picture too. There’s also a sneak peek of the bouquet and the dessert table. More photos will appear in the winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, out on December 24.

From left: the clothes, the bouquet, the dessert table


4. Imagine the pressure Jessica Simpson must have been feeling before she made this ad [see it here]


5. Miss Venezuala comes third, despite getting ZERO points for this answer to a Miss Universe competition question. During the Miss Universe telecast on Wednesday night, Miss Venezuala (real name: Irene Sofia Esser Quintero) was asked: “If you could make a new law, what would it be?”

And here was her answer: “I think that any laws there are in Constitution or in life, are already made. I think that we should have, uh, a straight way to go in our similar, or, eh, in our lives as is this. For example, I’m a surfer, and I think that the best wave that I can take is the wave that I wait for it. So please do our only, eh, law that we can do. Thank you Vegas!”

Watch the video of her answer below – it’s going viral fast.


6. If you missed Bradley Cooper revealing his five nipples (yes, five!) you can watch it here.


7. Jamie Oliver tweeted this adorable picture of his entire family wearing matching stripy pyjamas. The PJs were designed by his wife, Jools, for Mothercare.

The photo features Jamie, Jools, their daughters (Petal Blossom Rainbow, Poppy Honey Rosie and Daisy Boo Pamela) and their son Buddy Bear Maurice.

The caption that accompanied the photo read:

Haha the whole family in Jools PJ’s …I can’t believe Mother Care actually made me a pair of her toddler Jim-Jams !! Very funny if not slightly strange. Although one little purple princes had hers in the wash & wasn’t very happy bless her …….big love to all you guys #jamie x x. X x xx x x. Xx x. X xx x x x x

The Oliver family share heaps of photos on Instagram – flick through our gallery of the best:

nailed it

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