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1. So earlier this month, a court decision denied Halle Berry the right to relocate her daughter to France. Apparently Berry’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry objected to the move, despite Berry insisting that France is a safer place to raise her daughter (stricter papparazzi laws, apparently).

And now Aubry has been arrested following a physical altercation with Berry’s fiance, Oliver Martinez.

Apparently, Aubry was dropping four-year-old Nahla off at her mother’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday morning. Martinez approached Aubry and the two began to brawl. Both were hurt – Martinez may have a broken hand and neck injuries, while Aubry suffered a broken rib, contusions to the face and a possible head injury – and were treated at the hospital.

Accoridng to PEOPLE, Aubry “was booked for a private persons arrest for battery.” and bail is $20,000.”

2. Remember Andrej Pejic – the male model who only models women’s clothing? Well, the modelling gender tables have turned. Today we’re introducing Casey Legler, the female model who has signed a contract with a world leading modelling agency… to model men’s fashion.

It all started when Legler’s friend, photographer Cass Bird, asked her to model as a guy for a Muse Magazine shoot. She pulled it off and landed herself a contract with Ford’s mens division.

Legler, who also works as an artist, chatted to Time magazine about her thoughts on working as a male model. And the video is just a bit awesome. Watch it below:


Flick through a gallery of Legler’s male modelling pics below:

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And while you’re at it, check out Andrej Pejic’s man-as-a-woman pics too:

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3. It’s Miley Cyrus’ birthday, so our sisters over at iVillage have created this little birthday gift for her.


4. The latest Photoshop disaster is in – and this time we’re awarding Vogue Spain with the ULTIMATE FAIL award. They photographed a topless Karlie Kloss, who actually looks relatively normal (well, normal for someone wearing over-the-knee leather legwarmers and a giant white choker). But when you look closer, you’ll come to realise that she has three armpits.

That must make for an expensive trip to the supermarket when buying deodorant.

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Thanks to Hurricane Vanessa for pointing it out.


5. Here’s a little Friday Fun. It’s a matchmaking game that involves shoes. How on earth could you not click?


6. Would you wear it?  Linday Lohan stepped out for the premiere of Liz & Dick, a biopic of Elizabeth Taylor’s life. And everyone slammed her attempt to channel Taylor’s classic style, with The Huffington Post calling her dress “all sorts of no”.

What do you think? A disaster or a classic nod to underrated 90s fashion.

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And in other Lohan-related news – apparently Lindsay had a very good reason for cancelling her Barbara Waters interview…


7. Every time you see a cute baby this weekend – remember they have another side… (and it’s not always as cute). 


8. If you love Sarah Jessica Parker’s style as much as we do – we’ve got exactly what you need. Twenty colourful ways to steal her style, right here.

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