Fluff: Did Kate Middleton accidentally reveal the sex of her unborn child?

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kate middleton1.Did Kate Middleton accidentally reveal the sex of her unborn child?

Is it a girl for William and Kate?!

Kate Middleton MAY have let slip the sex of the royal baby when she attended a function in Grimsby, England. According to the Telegraph, a fan handed her a teddy bear and the duchess reportedly replied with, “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d…” but then stopped herself.

Bystanders were swift to pick up on the faux pas by the Duchess (reports Us Weekly) with one audience member asking her if she had meant to say “daughter,” to which Kate replied, “We’re not telling.”

Another prickly-eared bystander asked her if the Duchess meant she wasn’t telling or if they don’t know the gender, Kate replied, “No, we don’t know.”

So if the royal couple don’t know the gender did Kate mean D as in Doula? Or Dog? Or Donut? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

modern family2.Modern Family cast members get stuck in an elevator: hilarity ensues


If you are ever unfortunate enough to get stuck in a lift, THESE are the people you would want in there with you.

Modern Family cast members Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson were in Kansas City when they got stuck in a hotel elevator with nine other people for an hour. To pass the time they made jokes, tweeted, posted photos to Instagram and made this six second Vine video.



3.Australian Classification Board has no problem with bestiality but bans gay movie James Franco

James Franco has taken to YouTube to slam the Australian Classification Board (ACB) for banning the gay-themed film I Want Your Love.

The movie, which has been seen at several film festivals around the world, was set to screen at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and the Brisbane Queer Film Festival but has been banned for its graphic sexual content. Yet Donkey Love a movie featuring beastiality was allowed by the board last year.

”Frankly, adults should be able to choose. They’re not going in blind. I don’t know why this day in age something like this, a film that’s using sex not for titillation but to talk about being human, is being banned,” Franco said.

4. Miranda Kerr posts a topless photo: is not shameless or anything blog060313_miranda

Losing your bikini top in the surf is an unfortunate incident but not for Miranda Kerr who shared a topless picture of herself with her 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Kerr got around the nudity ban on Instagram by placing a black band over her nipples before uploading the image.

“You’re the best @chriscolls @koraorganicsbymk #purenature #freespirit,” Miranda captioned the photo, which was taken during a shoot for her Kora Organics skincare brand.

755281-tom-waterhouse5. Exciting baby news for the Waterhouse family

There’s a new filly in the Waterhouse’s fold (you geddit? you geddit?).

Tom Waterhouse and his wife Hoda are the proud new parents of a baby girl.

Rose was born at a North Shore hospital on March 3rd weighing 4.1kg. First-time grandparents Gaye and Rob are “absolutely excited” about the new arrival, with Rob describing baby Rose as “perfect”.

Congratulations to Tom and Hoda.

6. MKR: Death by quail for food nerds in Tuesday night cook-off

Star Wars aficionado’s Kieran and Nastassia let the judges down early with their black pudding and scallop entree that was labelled “lazy” and a “waste of a dish” by the spunky new judge, Colin “He’s a bit of alright” Fassbridge.

The team whose only highlight was their dessert were ultimately undone by their raw quail dish in the sudden death cook-off against the self-described “jocks” Sam and Chris. But “food nerds” still managed to squeeze in plenty of Star Wars references with Kieran saying, “Leek, I am your father” while taking a ridiculously long time to chop some leeks and left us with this gem, “May the force be with all of you”.


Meanwhile over at iVillage.com.au, editor Alana House wades through the gossip murk so you don’t have to:

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iGossip: Miranda Kerr and Kate Hudson go topless

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