Feeling a bit dark and down about the world? Watch this and have your faith in humanity restored.

Melbourne's busy Burnley Tunnel was closed for a kitten rescue on Wednesday night.

The tiny kitten was spotted on security cameras inside the tunnel, centimetres away from live lanes with trucks speeding past.

The kitten has been named Dodge. CityLink's Phil Munslow told Seven News he watched the kitten dodge hundreds of vehicles. "It's a pretty good name given the amount of time he was in the tunnel and he managed to dodge hundreds of vehicles."

Two lanes of the tunnel were closed as the incident response team moved in for the rescue which proved to be difficult. It took three grown men scrambling on their hands and knees to catch the terrified kitten.

They eventually caught him and took him to an animal rescue shelter. He was reunited with his rescuers and will now be de-sexed and made available for adoption as early as next week.

To adopt a rescue cat or kitten visit http://www.catrescue.com.au/.

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