Tori Spelling has posted pictures of her 4-year-old daughter Stella’s birthday party on her website and, well, it’s pretty impressive.

The former 90210 star said she wanted to give Stella “the party of her dreams” and that was a tea-party themed party for 20 that looks a lot like something from the pages of a fairy tale.

Desert tables, fresh flowers, balloons, edible glitter, teacups and saucers and princesses.

Stella's Party

See more images of Stella’s birthday here

Tori wrote on her website: “Stella had strict orders… She wanted her tea party to be all hot pink and purple with pops of yellow. For her dress, I found this amazing (and very well priced) party dress on that you can order in any color tulle. It’s was the perfect blend of fairy couture and princess poof!”

Celebrity party planner and author of “Party Like a Rock Star,” Jes Gordon, spoke to “Good Morning America” about the bash.

“I took a look at Stella’s party and to me that was Stella. It was awesome. Every little detail really described who she is as a beautiful, feminine little girl who loves to host, loves to have a tea party and loves to have fun. You’re showing a lot of love for your kid when you do this.”

The party which was hosted on Tori’s estate may look lavish, but it’s part of a growing trend that sees parents fork out the big bucks to celebrate their little ones special day. It’s even the subject of a new reality show “Outrageous Kids Parties.”

Do you think there’s too much pressure on parents to throw their children lavish parties? If you’re a parent – what do you do for your kids’ parties? Or what did you do for your birthday party when you were a child?


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