They started with three. And then there were two. And the winner of the fourth season of Masterchef is…..

Andy!!!! (He’s the one on the left)

masterchef The Masterchef finale. And the winner is....

Andy, Audra and Julia

WINNER: Andy – Andy is an apprentice electrician and is incapable of any emotion besides “completely and utterly stoked”, which makes him very endearing. I fell in love when his mum came on the show and he hugged her approximately 1400 times in one episode – I love a boy who is nice to his mum. Food-wise, he’s been absolutely killing it so far this week. Round of applause for my Andy.

Second place: Julia - Julia is a legal secretary, a music teacher and a dessert master. She also runs a market stall on the weekends selling her baked goods. She has a husband, two very cute dogs and what is possibly the scariest death stare I’ve ever seen. Said death stare has made it a bit hard for me to warm up to her, but there’s no doubt that her cookbook would be AWESOME (I am a sucker for anything dessert-y).

Third place – Audra – Audra is an account manager, mother-of-two and chief of Asian food. Word on the rumour mill is that she runs a catering business out of her home, so the debate has been raging over whether she is actually an amateur cook. Regardless – she’s really talented, really lovely and her children are adorable. (Tackling the big issues here, people.)

To catch up on what happened during last year’s finale, go here.

Who were you barracking for? What have been the highlights of this season’s show for you?

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