the block steve chantelle 3 380x213 And the winner of The Block is...


Warning: This post contains spoilers.

But surely you would have figured that, when you clicked on a post titled ‘And the winner of The Block is…’, right?

Well, if you didn’t, might we kindly advise you that this post does contain significant, viewing-destroying spoilers.

So, if you’re reading this on the bus, or the train, or at your kids’ nonsensically late sports practice.

And you plan on going straight home to enjoy a spoiler-free viewing of The Block finale.

Please do not read any further.

You could read this post about a rat terrorising a train carriage.

Or look at these pictures of adorable Prince George at a playgroup in New Zealand.

But not this.

Because this post will tell you which couple won The Block.

So, now that every fully consenting, capable adult in the room knows what they’re getting themselves into, let’s get things underway.

The winner of The Block is…

Steve and Chantelle! They made a profit of $636,000. (Their reserve was $1,834,000)

Alisa and Lysandra made a profit of $616,000 on their apartment. (Their reserve was $1,759,000)

Kyal and Kara made a profit of $567,250. (Their reserve was $1,872,250).

Brad and Dale made a profit of $507,205. (Their reserve was $1,802,750)



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