em r 21 380x380 Do you tell someone if you had a sex dream about them?

This is Em and Dave. Em had a sex dream about Dave…. And look at that face, how could she NOT?





Can you imagine having a sex dream about a colleague? It’s an awkward thought, right? 

But do you know what’s more awkward? Actually having that dream. And then ACTUALLY telling that colleague about it.

Well that’s exactly went down over at Mamamia Today headquarters in Melbourne when host Em Rusciano told co-host Dave Thornton about the sexy dream she had last night…. about him.

Here’s how the conversation went down:

*NB: Dave’s responses are in italics.

Em: Today I learned a valuable honesty isn’t always the best policy.. Well, not when it comes to revealing to a friend/co-host that you may or may not have had a sexy times dream about them.. What? What? Look, casually in conversation I dropped to Dave Thornton that last night I had a dream involving him and I getting hot and heavy.

Dave: My first thought was ‘How did we get here?’ It was midday and I was in dire need of a coffee. Now her subconscious has put me on questionable terms with HR.

Em: Keeping in mind I have known him for a few years, we are good friends first and co-workers second and he and I regularly have conversations that would be deemed illegal in several countries.

Dave: Wait that makes it sound like we sacrifice virgins to our Pagan Gods….

mamamiatoday2 380x246 Do you tell someone if you had a sex dream about them?

Em and Dave. It’s not the moment she told him, but we imagine it looked a little like this.

Em: His reaction was not the one I was expecting. He was slightly aghast and by aghast I mean he clutched his pearls and crossed himself while uttering the holy trinities name.

Dave: Hey I don’t wear pearls Em. Especially not with today’s outfit, it just wouldn’t match girlfriend.

Em: He was genuinely offended.

He recoiled in fact.

He also said things involving the words “gross” “unattractive” and “gross”.

Dave: Em’s taken a bit of poetic licence with this. I simply said that because of our platonic relationship it would be unusual…..in a gross fashion.

Em: So then I was offended that he was offended.
Is it possibly the underlying sexual tension I have invented between the two of us to pass the time DOESN’T EXIST?!

Dave: Wow.

Em: Did I cross some sort of line? Is it not OK to tell your mate you had an AO (Shout out to 90’s TV guidelines y’all! Woot woot!) dream about them?

Dave: We’ve crossed a line, it’s awkward. Like hearing flatulence while sitting with your Nan and nothing gets said awkward. Wait….so was I any good…?


mamamia today 380x224 Do you tell someone if you had a sex dream about them?Em Rusciano is the host of Mamamia Today on Austereo (which you should be tuning into at 3pm every weekday on the Today Network) and regularly appears on Network Ten’s ’The Project’. You should follow her on Twitter here and take a look at her website here. You can listen to podcasts of Mamamia today here.


Tell us: Have you ever had a sex dream about a colleague? What should Em have done? Spilled the details or simply stayed quiet?

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