300.ryan .eva .mh .060612 Celeb news: Another reason to love Ryan Gosling.

Someone put this photo on Instagram.

If he wasn’t perfect enough already…

Ryan and his girlfriend Eva Mendes stole the show at a university in Canada this week when they turned up to see his mum Donna’s graduation.

Apparently Ryan leapt to his feet and was clapping and cheering when his mum was called to accept her diploma.

When people approached Ryan for photos, he said “this is my mom’s day.”

But Twitter and Instragram went a little crazy.

Here’s some of the tweets sent by people in the crowd:

Just saw Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes…just the back of them but still the most exciting thing that’s happened here #BrockU #starstruck.”

I freaking saw Ryan Gosling! I saw him in people size! Be jealous! #sexypieceofass”

Just saw Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes on bloor in #Toronto they are stunningly good looking. Ladies, we have no chance.”

Ridiculous…I thought I saw Ryan Gosling yesterday and was like nahhhhhh, and now to find out he WAS here! Gah. #neverknow.”

Ryan Gosling with his mum Donna


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