1. And welcome to the first wedding news of 2013.

Former Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch, 23, has walked down the aisle and married her partner Michael Miziner, 30. The pair met in 2010 when Rachael joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars. Michael Miziner was her dance partner.

There were reportedly three bridesmaids. She wore a low-back Steven Khalil dress. The wedding was on Sydney Harbour. And we assume there was cake.

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Rachael Finch married Michael Miziner

2. This video of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles kissing  on New Year’s Eve already already has more than 1 million views…[watch it here]

3. Open Condom Style and other misheard song lyrics. This is FUNNY. …[Click here to listen]

4. You’ve never seen this photo of Princess Di.

This previously never-before-seen photo, of a teenage Princess Diana in 1980 will be auctioned in the United States today.

The UK press reports that this particular picture of the once most photographed woman in the world, was suppressed by those close to the Princess.

What do you think was the reason? Was it the less-than-funky jumper she’s sporting or the bottle of Johnnie Walker in the background that was of greatest concern?

This is the never before seen image.

5. Kim Kardashian’s been talking about how it feels to be pregnant. This is going to be an epic pregnancy. Watch her here and see what else is in store …[click here to watch]

6. Justin Bieber’s latest tattoo is er, pretty large. [Click here to see it]

7. Jennifer Lawrence may spend a fair bit of time making smash hit movies and walking red carpets but she’s more like us then we realised…[click here to read more]

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