In a huge win for cold ponies everywhere, Scotland has decided to dress its nation’s ponies in cardigans.

And in a huge win for people having a sh*tty week, they’ve decided to photograph the ponies and SHARE THE PHOTOGRAPHS WITH THE WORLD.

It’s literally impossible not to smile while flicking through this gallery. They’re ponies in CARDIGANS. Actual cardigans… probably knitted by their pony Nannas and with little buttons up the front of their pony chests.

We managed to have this post approved, despite the neigh-sayers in the office (cough... Mia). You could say we really dug our hooves in on this one.


Happy Friday, everybody.

And just in case you’re wondering about the purpose of the pony photo shoot… The whole thing is a tourism campaign from Visit Scotland, Scotland’s national tourism organisation – evidently the good old Loch Ness Monster just wasn’t cutting the mustard for them anywhere.

We can also confirm that no ponies were harmed in the making of the photoshoot – apparently Vitamin and Fivla (great pony names) loved their winter woolies.

Can anyone please explain how they even got the ponies into the cardigans? And do you have something that beats the cuteness factor? 


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