• jessica mauboy never be the same

    FLUFF: Jess Mauboy strips down for latest video.

    Aussie pop star Jessica Mauboy, 24, has stripped down for her new song Never Be The Same. The video will ‘drop’ or ‘land’ or whatever it is new music videos do later this week. Jess says it’s all about her struggles with the demands of her (spectacularly successful) music career. “This is me, the most [read more]

  • Karl Stefanovic

    FLUFF: Karl Stefanovic humiliated Richard Wilkins this morning. Hilariously.

                Karl Stefanovic is an evil genius. A maniacal hot mess of a man whose general mischievous existence is the gift that just keeps giving to the internet. His latest prank involved humiliating his Today Show co-star Richard “Dicko” Wilkins. For that, he enlisted the help of radio duo Fitzy and Wippa [read more]

  • Lindsay Lohan sex list

    FLUFF: Lindsay Lohan reveals her celebrity shag list

                Have you ever drunkenly written down a comprehensive list of your sexual conquests and left it in a hotel room? No? Just us and Lindsay Lohan? Alright. Seriously. Actress/hot mess Lindsay has apparently scribbled down a list of all the dudes she’s done the squelchy with… and they’re all [read more]

  • renee2

    FLUFF: Renee Zellweger does not look like Renee Zellweger anymore.

    If you’re a female celebrity over 40, you simply cannot win. If you eschew plastic surgery, you look haggard, and probably won’t get as much work. And if you do have some ‘work’, you’re criticised and mocked for doing so. Take Renee Zellweger for example. The 44-year-old recently appeared at an event – the interestingly [read more]

  • Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster baby

    FLUFF: Zoe Foster Blake gushes about how cute Hamish is during her pregnancy

                Look, we’ve been pretty open about wanting best couple ever, Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake, to adopt us. And we’ve just heard straight from Zo that her funny-man husband Hamish has been a dreamy future dad during her baby-incubating process. Which makes us want to be a part of their little fam more than [read more]

  • Charlie Pickering lCharlie Pickering replacementeaves the Project

    Big news for Charlie Pickering.

                Charlie Pickering has announced that he is leaving Channel Ten’s The Project, as he is set to become a father. The TV host and comedian explained that his time on the nightly show was coming to an end as he and his wife, Sarah Krasnostein, are expecting their first [read more]

  • Paradise_Resort_video_still

    We sent a family to Paradise. This is what it was like.

      A couple of weeks ago, we ran a competition for our readers and their family to have the chance to win a trip to Paradise Resort. And the Reed family won! Congratulations to them. So what did they get? They got a weekend stay for the whole family to stay at Paradise Resort, based [read more]

  • Obama Between Two Ferns

    Fluff: President Obama’s most hilarious, awkward interview ever.

    President Obama has just appeared on the comedy show Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. The premise of the show is very, very simple: Zach (who you may remember from The Hangover 1 – 3) invites some of the world’s most famous people onto a shabby, low-budget set for an extremely awkward, borderline-hostile interview. He’s [read more]

  • Kristen Bell paparazzi

    Kristen Bell assaulted by a photographer. Is it OK because she’s famous?

    Breaking: Kristen Bell continues to be swashbucklingly awesome. She was verbally abused by a street photographer, who slammed his fists on her car door and called her c-word for not complying with his requests for a photo. She responded flawlessly, as she continues her rampage against the paparazzi. In a HuffPo Live interview, Kristen reveals [read more]

  • Cara Delevingne Michelle Rodriguez commitment ceremony

    Fluff: Did Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez just have a commitment ceremony?

    Well, that escalated quickly. The supermodel and the actress who’ve been publicly engaging in an ambiguous relationship now appear to have just sealed the deal with a commitment ceremony in Thailand. Yep, 21-year-old Cara Delevingne and 35-year-old Michelle Rodriguez have been canoodling in public for a while now, causing the world to become moderately obsessed [read more]

  • Jason Biggs Malaysian airlines tweet

    Fluff: Celebrity slammed for joke about missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

              Oh Jason Biggs. You famous, famous idiot. The actor, who is probably best known for sticking his junk in a pie (American Pie, to be exact), just became the first person to publicly joke about the missing flight MH370. In an epic case of ‘way too soon’, Biggs tweeted the following [read more]

  • Billboard's Money Makers 2014

    Fluff: The official celebrity rich list is out. And you’ll never guess who tops the chart…

    I know what you’re thinking: “Yawn, it’s that Queen Bee and her hubby again. Stop bombarding me with their fabulousness.” But hold your horses. A certain young lady has taken a swift trip to number one with her astonishing $39m income in 2013. That’s right. Taylor Swift is top of the Billboard’s Money Makers 2014 list [read more]

  • Rosso

    When a famous comedian turns up at your door with cake and cucumber sandwiches…

    For the past few weeks, comedian and radio host Rosso (formerly part of the comedy duo Merrick and Rosso) has been surprising unsuspecting mums in the suburbs of Australia. It’s all part of a web series called ‘Be ready for whatever Rosso Chux at you.’ In today’s episode, we watch Rosso do tea. But not [read more]

  • katew

    Kate Waterhouse shows off baby bump in a bikini on Instagram.

    Sydney racing royalty, columnist and blogger, Kate Waterhouse has shared a rare photo of her growing baby bump. The 30-year-old, who is 27 weeks into her pregnancy, uploaded a gorgeous photo of herself in a Zimmermann bikini on Instagram. Waterhouse married former NRL star Luke Ricketson, 41, in June 2012. Kate and Luke’s baby is due [read more]

  • Justin Beiber deposition

    Fluff: Justin Bieber is an even bigger arrogant brat than you thought.

              The next chapter in Justin Bieber: Epic Public Meltdown is here. The 20-year-old singer/rebel/disaster has spent his past few months drag-racing a yellow Lamborghini high on his mother’s medication, vandalizing private property, pissing into buckets, assaulting people, climbing on top of cars drunk and stoned, beating up a photographer and [read more]

  • 2day fm ratings

    Fluff: The results are in. Who just won the breakfast radio wars?

              When Kyle and Jackie O left 2DayFM, the radio station pulled out the big guns – employing not one, not two, but four breakfast presenters to replace the golden duo. Enter Jules Lund, Merrick, Sophie Monk and Mel B. It was a huge gamble trying out that combo of talent [read more]

  • Nigella Lawson divorce

    Celeb news: The one thing Nigella Lawson wanted after her divorce.

                  Nigella Lawson is moving on – and she’s trying not to carry baggage from her past (both literal and metaphorical) into the future. The world-famous chef just survived a public and controversial separation from art dealer Charles Saatchi last year, following an incident where he was seen grabbing her [read more]

  • kardashians

    Fluff: All the houses that the Kardashians ‘live in’ on their shows are fake.

              WHAT? The Kardashians have faked parts of their TV show?!? SOMEBODY ALERT THE AUTHORITIES. The Kardashians have revealed that all the homes viewers see on each their 249 shows are fake. Well, the exteriors anyway. Apparently, because of Krazy Kardashian fans, the Kardashian/Jenner family only film the actual interior of [read more]

  • Connor Cruise Australia

    Fluff: This is what Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s son looks like now.

              Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise‘s adopted son is all grown up. He’s in Australia. And he is gorgeous. Connor Cruise, 19, jetted into Australia to play some DJ sets for the Good Life festival in Sydney and the Gold Coast. But according to Connor, he’s not ‘traveling’ or ‘visiting’ like [read more]

  • Lorde Taylor Swift

    Fluff: Lorde slams Kyle Sandilands live on air

                Lorde and Taylor Swift are officially best friends. The 17-year-old Royals singer and 23-year-old T-Swift have been inseparable recently. Doesn’t mean they’re in a lesbian relationship, though. That’s exactly what tactless bufoon Kyle Sandilands implied during an interview with Lorde yesterday – prompting her to defend homosexuality. Lorde was on air [read more]

  • My Kitchen Rules rigged

    Fluff: Those My Kitchen Rules girls everyone hates? Yeah, now they hate each other.

            Tensions are simmering on My Kitchen Rules. A sauce (read: source) has confirmed that the friendship of resident mean girls from Perth, Chloe and Kelly, is officially cooked. “Things are icy between them. They have little to no involvement with each other,’ the insider dished. The insider beefed out their claim, [read more]

  • Steve Irwin cameraman

    Celeb news: Cameraman reveals Steve Irwin’s dying moments.

              There was only one who witnessed the last moments of Steve Irwin’s life. His name is Justin Lyons. He was the cameraman that fatal day when Steve was stabbed by a huge sting-ray multiple times – and he’s just spoken out for the first time. Justin said animal conservationist Steve [read more]

  • kanye west best man

    Fluff: Jay Z refusing to be Kanye West’s best man.

                    It looks like there’s trouble in paradise for everyone’s favourite rapper BFFs Kanye West and Jay Z. Kanye West has asked Jay Z to be the best man at his wedding, but recent reports indicate that Jay Z doesn’t want to be involved if the nuptials are [read more]

  • Kesha eating disorder

    Fluff: The first thing Ke$ha did when she came out of rehab? Changed her name.

              The artist formerly known as “Ke$ha” is out of rehab and making some major  changes. The first whopping life-change? A new name. Or, more accurately, a sensible version of her own stage name. Yep, Ke$ha is dropping the dollar sign in favour of an ordinary letter S. It’s the end of [read more]

  • Chris O'Dowd religion

    Fluff: Loveable Irish actor says religion is as bad as racism.

                  Chris O’Dowd, the adorable and also unexpectedly spunky star of Bridesmaids and The Sapphires has recently revealed some very strong views about religion. He dubbed religion “unacceptable” and said that over time it would be thought of as being “like racism”. He also said that someone would have to [read more]

  • Eric Stonestreet Sam Armytage

    Fluff: Is Sam Armytage dating a Modern Family star?

              UPDATE: Sunrise host Sam Armytage has responded to rumours that she is dating Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet on her show this morning. She was quizzed by her own on-air buddies, David Koch and Natalie Barr, about the possible love. “Can I say publicly that Samantha has denied any allegations of [read more]

  • Miley Cyrus sex toy

    Fluff: Miley Cyrus shares photos of her extremely creepy sex toy.

              Literally – stop what you’re doing guys, Miley Cyrus has done something a bit grim and irritating! That, like, never happens… Sarcasm aside, this has well and truly taken the hand-shaped biscuit. Cyrus, famous for her nudity and tongue dancing, and more nudity and…you get the picture…has tweeted a picture [read more]

  • Shakira's boyfriend

    Fluff: Shakira reveals she must get permission from her boyfriend to make music videos.

                Sigh. Shakira has revealed in an interview that her boyfriend won’t let her shake her hips anymore – at least not for anyone but him. She told Billboard Magaine that she’s ‘not allowed’ to do sexy music videos these days, because her footballer bf Gerard Piqué gets ‘territorial’ about [read more]

  • Paula Abdul's breakdown

    Fluff: Paul Abdul breaks down live on TV.

                Paula Abdul has broken down in tears live on air. The So You Think You Can Dance judge (and formerly very famous pop star) had an extremely emotional reaction to contemporary dance routine based on depression. Paula was comforted by host Carrie Bickmore after watching dancers Jay Johns and Ashleigh [read more]

  • Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

    Watch the 264 best dance scenes from films. (In four minutes).

      You know my favourite scene from the Silver Linings Playbook? That totally awkward dance routine at Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper‘s big fancy competition,where J-Law launches into an epic Dirty Dancing move but ends up scrambling with her crotch in Bradley’s face. Wow. Just – wow. On the scale of worst to best dance scenes, it’s up there with [read more]