• Justin Timberlake tickets

    Fluff: Would you pay this much to cosy up to Justin Timberlake?

              Oh ok, cool. So mega-rich pop stars have found shiny new ways to take all our money. Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Robbie Williams are all touring Australia this year – which is fabulous obviously. But they’re luring us all in with promises of actual human [read more]

  • bindi

    Bindi Irwin just pissed off everyone in America.

      So Bindi Irwin just went on Good Morning America to promote her new collaboration with US SeaWorld. You know, the place that is currently on top of every person’s hate list since a shocking documentary revealed that they essentially torture their animals for entertainment. Apparently nobody told Bindi that the water park has seen [read more]

  • Magda Szubanski Jenny Craig

    Celeb news: Magda Szubanski signs $1.25 million Jenny Craig deal to save her life

              Professionally hilarious woman Magda Szubanksi has reportedly just signed another Jenny Craig contract – this time to protect her fragile health. Apparently the new deal will pop a cool $1.25 million in Szubanski’s bank account. The Kath and Kim actress will be the face and body of a new weight [read more]

  • nicki minaj butt before and after

    Fluff: This is what Nicki Minaj looks like without clothes or makeup.

            Hardcore rapper Nicki Minaj has posted a series of nude photos of herself on Instagram. And this is awkward, but they’re way less raunchy than anything she’s even been pictured in before. The pics, in which she’s totally makeup free, reveal that she’s secretly gorgeous (a fact that gets a little [read more]

  • Offspring Season 5 sneak peak

    The first scene of Offspring season 5. Oh My God.

    The first scene of Offspring Season Five has just been released. Season Four ended with dramatic scenes as Nina gave birth to her baby girl, just days after she’d lost the beautiful, Doctor Patrick. And for the four months since, we’ve been crying into out pillows and wondering what will happen next. The clip is [read more]

  • peternyongo

    5 things you need to know about Lupita’s brother Peter Nyong’o.

    From her Oscar-winning performance in 12 Years a Slave to this inspiring acceptance speech, and her ability to top best dressed lists every time she steps on a red carpet, Lupita Nyong’o has won a place in our hearts this award season. And now, so has her brother. Peter Nyong’o has been accompanying his famous [read more]

  • Lindsay Lohan Oprah documentary

    Fluff: Watch. The moment Oprah loses her shit with Lindsay Lohan.

    It’s OK, everyone. Oprah’s got this. She just told Lindsay Lohan what we’ve all been thinking: Cut the bullshit, babe. Get real. Look after yourself. If anyone in the world can get that beautiful mess Lindsay Lohan back on the road to sanity, it’s Oprah f**king Winfrey. The talk show goddess sat the 27-year-old actor/singer [read more]

  • Annie movie 2014

    Fluff: The trailer for the new Annie movie is here.

    It’s here. The trailer for the 2014 Annie movie is here, and we’ve gotta say – it looks pretty awesome. Quvenzhané Wallis is Orphan Annie. Cameron Diaz is the evil (hotter and younger than usual) Ms Hannigan. Jamie Foxx is the new Daddy Warbucks character called Benjamin Stacks (Geddit? Stacks of Benjamins. As in stacks of [read more]

  • Leigh Sales baby

    Congratulations Leigh Sales!

                    ABC journalist / wonderful human being Leigh Sales has just given birth to her second son. Sales just tweeted the happy news today: This is Leigh’s second child with her husband Phil Willis. Her first, named Daniel, is now two. The 7.30 Report host has been on [read more]

  • Jennifer Lopez Ricky Martin

    FLUFF: Two of your favourite ’90s pop stars just totally made out.

    Remember J-Lo and Ricky Martin? Two of your favourite 90s pop stars? The two singers/ sensual beings just totally made out in the video clip for “Adrenalina”. And it’s half-bizarre, half-awesome. The video, which basically centres around a party thrown by a Puerto Rican rapper for all his famous buddies, involves Jenny sweatily dancing around [read more]

  • demilovato

    Fluff: Former child star Demi Lovato shaves her head.

    In very important celebrity news, former Disney star Demi Lovato has shaved her head. We know, SHOCKING. The 21-year-old singer recently dyed her hair hot pink in January for her Neon Lights tour, but it seems she easily bored of that new look. Demi posted a photo of her shaved off pink hair extensions with [read more]

  • Steph Rice nose job

    Fluff: Olympian Stephanie Rice admits plastic surgery.

        Well, someone has a new nose. Twenty-five-year-old former Olympic swimmer Steph Rice has confessed that she’s undergone cosmetic surgery on her snozz twice – and she couldn’t be happier. “Seeing the better version of my nose made me realise how much it had been affecting me,” she told Who magazine. “Friends and family [read more]

  • parliament house gym

    Fluff: Fight! Fight! Fight in the parliamentary gym

              Deep in our nation’s capital, politicians are having the most brutal fight of all. It’s war in the parliamentary gym, where sweaty parliamentarians  are squabbling over the remote control. It began on Monday morn, when Labor Senator Claire Moore asked her Coalition colleagues Immigration Minister Scott Morrison and Tasmanian MP [read more]

  • Katy Perry weather girl

    Fluff: Katy Perry hilariously tries to be a weather girl, pronounces everything wrong.

    Katy Perry is here. Quick, everyone swap their ordinary clothes for a lycra cupcake costume. The hottest female pop singer in the world right now (she has 50 million Twitter followers guys, that’ll do as evidence) just touched down in Sydney. The 29-year-old Roar singer – who recently split with her fop-haired singer/womanizer boyfriend John Mayer – [read more]

  • liza-minnelli

    Fluff: Liza Minelli responds to Ellen’s “transphobic” Oscars joke

              Liza Minnelli, for reasons we may never truly understand, was the accidental star of the 2014 Academy Awards. She was everywhere: posing in her royal blue satin off-the-shoulder suit, just missing out on the most famous selfie of all time, hugging Lupita Nyong’o directly after her win even though we [read more]

  • Rosso chux challenge

    Our favourite part of these videos? The looks on mums faces when they open the front door.

    Over the last few weeks, comedian and radio host Rosso (used to be part of the comedy duo Merrick and Rosso) has been going around the country to surprise mums. It’s all part of a web series called ‘For Whatever Rosso CHUX at you?’ So this week, for all of those who missed out on [read more]

  • Vogue April 2014 Cover with Nigella Lawson

    Fluff: Nigella Lawson goes ‘makeup free’ on the cover of Vogue.

          Nigella Lawson is British Vogue’s latest cover star. The former columnist gave the magazine an exclusive interview, yet it has been overshadowed by her new ‘make-up free’ look. Vogue maintains that – the undeniably gorgeous- Lawson is wearing no makeup save for “some blusher and a little mascara.” A source for the [read more]


    How I Met Your Mother episode hints at tragic demise for one of the main characters.

          They wouldn’t… They couldn’t….. but perhaps they will? The internet is abuzz this morning with conspiracy theories about what the creators of How I Met Your Mother have in store for the final episode. Specifically, a new they is being tossed around that the series will conclude with the devastating revelation that the [read more]

  • As is Kate Bosworth.

    Kate Bosworth has new hair, and we care because she looks gorgeous.

              One of Hollywoodland’s blondest blondes has gone red. The impeccably well-dressed Kate Bosworth – seen in such pictures as Blue Crush, Superman and (more recently) her gorgeous wedding photos – has died her hair red for a new role in the film Still Alice, and looks ravishing. The 31-year-old California [read more]

  • kim novak

    It’s not OK to do this to a face. Even if it’s your own.

    It’s not nice to make fun of people for the way they look. I think we’re all clear on that. But watching the Oscars last night and clicking through red carpet shots of the after-parties today, I’m really troubled by something and I don’t know how to say it without being offensive. So I’m just [read more]

  • Oscars 2014

    The 6 most impossibly awkward moments from the Oscars.

    Ah, the Oscars. A beautiful time when all the most famous people in the world get together to reward people for their accomplishments celebrate art get drunk, eat pizza, take selfies, thank God, and mispronounce people’s names. We already brought you the greatest moments from the 86th Academy Awards. Now, we present to you… The Most [read more]

  • scarlett johansson new hair

    Exciting news for Scarlett Johansson.

            Exciting news for bombshell actress Scarlett Johansson, who recently got engaged to fiancé Romain Dauriac… Scarlett Johansson is pregnant. The 29-year-old actress announced she was going to marry the 32-year-old French journalist six months ago, after Johansson ended a year-long relationship with American filmmaker Nate Taylor. Previously, Johansson was married to actor Ryan [read more]

  • Miranda Kerr James Packer

    Fluff: James Packer addresses those Miranda Kerr rumours. Sort of. Maybe.

              Just months after rumours that billionaire businessman James Packer was getting it on with Miranda Kerr, he’s described his personal life as disastrous. It’s either a veiled reference to Miranda. Or not about Miranda at all. We can’t decide. “Business is good right now, but my personal life is a disaster,” [read more]

  • Oscars pizza guy

    Ellen’s post-Oscars interview with the pizza delivery guy

            Have you ever hand-delivered fresh pizza to Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, and Harrison Ford? No? This guy has. He’s the famous pizza delivery guy in the world. Yesterday’s (brilliant) Oscars host Ellen Degeneres decided to feed all the hungry famous people attending the Academy Awards. She dialled the closest [read more]

  • Miranda Kerr topless

    Miranda Kerr takes off her clothes to prove how comfortable her new joggers are.

      Don’t you just hate it when you get home from a run, strip off for a refreshing shower and forget to remove your shoes? What? That’s never happened to you? Well it does happen to Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr, 30, all the darn time. So much so that the former Mrs Orlando Bloom has [read more]

  • ferry sinks south korea

    Which former Home and Away star just had a baby?

        Jodi Anasta (nee Gordon) and her Rugby League playing husband Braith Anasta have just welcomed a baby girl to the world. Twenty-eight-year-old Gordon reportedly gave birth to the baby girl on Sunday and according to reports, mother and baby are “doing well”. The couple have been married since October 2012. This is their [read more]

  • douglas and jones

    Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are back together. His mum says so.

              Michael Douglas’ mother has revealed that he and Catherine Zeta Jones are definitely back together. And in other news, Michael Douglas’ mother is still alive. Diana Douglas, 91, gave the inside scoop on Michael and Catherine’s relationship in an interview with The Sun.  The couple, who have been married since [read more]

  • Best Oscars moments

    Stop what you’re doing and watch the best Oscars moments. Right now.

    The 86th Academy Awards are on today – otherwise known as The Day Ellen DeGeneres Broke The Internet. It’s been a big day: Ellen ordered hot pizza for all the famous hungry people, Pharrell made Meryl Streep dance, Lupita Nyong’o made Benedict Cumberbatch cry real human tears, Cate Blanchett nailed the body glitter trend, and [read more]

  • Cate Blanchett acceptance speech

    Cate Blanchett’s nightmare dilemma at the Oscars today.

              If Cate Blanchett wins the Academy Award for Best Actress today for her breathtaking performance in Blue Jasmine, will she thank Woody Allen? Should she thank Woody Allen? Could she refuse the award altogether on moral grounds? Or can she find a way to accept the award without mentioning her [read more]

  • Ben Fordham quits

    Fluff: Someone’s leaving the Today Show…

                  Early mornings will never be the same again. Karl Stefanovic’s greatest bromance, sports reporter Ben Fordham, is quitting. But it’s for a pretty sweet reason so we’ll let it slide. After his four year stint on the Channel Nine breakfast show, Today’s sports reporter, Ben Fordham, 37, is calling [read more]