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    Katherine Heigl hates balls. It’s true.

    Katherine Heigl isn’t a huge fan of testicles. We know, we know, how could she not be? Let’s hear her side of the story (which just happens to be laugh-out-loud funny). Katherine Heigl Hates Balls from Katherine Heigl

  • Sean, Angela, Mia, Shelly and Sam

    Alex Perry: misunderstood?

      In the final episode of Mamamia on Sky for the year, Mia sits down to talk with Australian fashion designer Alex Perry about life, love and what it’s like to be a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model. He’s been accused of being a bully and tearing apart the self esteem of young girls, [read more]

  • Bindi Irwin

    A girl who acts like a girl.

    There is so much genuine hand-wringing about role models for young girls.  Hell, some days my hands feel like they’ve wrung off. And this is important. If we just accept the way women are depicted in music videos and little girls are encouraged to wear Playboy logos and be air-brushed and buy make-up then it [read more]

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    Victoria Beckham. Fashion cred?

    UPDATE: The Fashion Magazine is reporting that Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cameron Diaz are all vying to wear Victoria Beckham’s line to the Oscars come February 26th. Michelle Williams is already a fan, having been snapped wearing the Victoria by Victoria Beckham line several times, most recently to the Oscars luncheon. The Oscars red [read more]

  • Matthew newton on aca

    Matthew Newton: The day after

    Matthew Newton appeared on A Current Affair last night to answer some tough questions about his very public derailment over the past few years. You can watch the interview here Whatever your feelings about him (or ACA), it was pretty gripping television. Does he owe the Australian public an apology?  Certainly not, but one would [read more]

  • Nikki Minaj

    The American Music Awards red carpet

    Oh look! It’s time for the American Music Awards! Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were just some of the stars to walk the red carpet at this year’s awards. There was even a special appearance from our favourite Mini Minaj (Sophia Grace Brownlee) and her side-kick Rosie Grace McClelland. So cute! [read more]

  • This is a sponsored post brought to you by Nissan

    What’s your dream car wishlist?

    Let’s get one thing clear from the get-go. I’m not really a car person. I don’t have long held dreams of driving a red MG or a Porsche.  For year cars to me were all about practicality … which pretty much explains why I’ve spent the majority of the past 17 years in a range [read more]

  • matthew newton

    What are you watching on TV tonight?

    It’s fair to say that a lot of people will be tuned into the Matthew Newton interview with Tracy Grimshaw at 6:30 on ACA tonight. More so even after Tracy tweeted earlier today “plenty of debate about tonight’s #aca interview with Matthew Newton. I look forward to your (polite) feedback after. Very challenging interview”. Matthew [read more]

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    Bieber and the screaming man fans

    It’s not just the ladies that swoon / go crazy for Justin Bieber. Blokes do too. In this commercial for US department store Macy’s Black Friday sale, you’ll see what we mean. Worth it for the reactions.

  • Picture 3

    Video of the day: Your future husband.

    Ladies, stop looking. Your future husband is here – and he’s available. This online dating ‘video profile’ is hilarious – you have to watch. Could you be the woman of his dreams? Your Future Husband from Bradley Jackson on Vimeo.

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    The pencil song. It’s very catchy.

    Hudson, an indie-folk artist from Melbourne, has had us all bopping along to this catchy song in the office. It’s called ‘Against the Grain’. Mia went and bought it. The rest of us have been transfixed by the attached music video from VJ Dropbear. How brilliant. Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo.

  • Picture 1

    Mamamia on Sky News – ep 16 promo

    Check out the preview for what’s going to be on this week’s show…

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    Around the world in 5 minutes. Breathtaking.

    This. Is stunning. Fly around the world in this time lapse video taken from space. Hold your breath. Now there’s a bit of perspective. It’s beautiful.

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    This will make your heart explode. With joy.

    This. This will make your heart do a somersault and then go run a bath filled with happiness. Seriously. If you like animals and if you like glorious reunions with soldiers who have been away on tours of duty, then this just goes ahead and smooshes the two things together. And it’s awesome. (You might [read more]

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    Breakdancing yoga. Wow.

    This is bizarre, oddly beautiful, and at times unsettling (who is that bendy, really?) But you have to hand it to the guy, he sure puts on a show. And I am completely addicted to the song. This will amaze. Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.

  • Remember this one?

    The top 10 TV cliffhangers

    TV didn’t invent the cliffhanger, but it did perfect it. It’s the reason we keep tuning into our favourite TV shows week after week/season after season. Delivered well, a good cliffhanger is divine. It’s the delicious combination of frustration mixed with intrigue with a side of worry for our favourite characters. They keep us coming [read more]

  • swedish group

    Is this the coolest cover song ever? Watch.

    This is incredible. Three members from Swedish vocal group Erato have done a cover of Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn, using only their hands, their voices and a few containers. It’s a must-watch.

  • Guy Pearce and Kate Winslet at the 2011 Emmy Awards

    The celebrity interview: what it’s REALLY like.

    “Ready to face the enemy?” asks the cheerful rector at the beginning of the final, catastrophic nuptial scene of Mike Newell’s 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral. This chirpy man of the cloth never knew how true a word he spoke to the wretched Hugh Grant, and his guileless invitation always rings in my [read more]

  • book

    The best closing line ever

    There are so many books that I’ve loved all the way through – and then I’ve gotten to the end and been completely crushed by the disappointing ending. What is it about the closing line of a book? When it’s good, it leaves you feeling super satisfied. When it’s bad, it makes you want to [read more]

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    Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale Divorce: The Parody

    You (might have) watched the actual wedding on television and now, not much more than 72 days later, you can watch the televised Kim Kardashian divorce! Well, almost. The team at Saturday Night Live including Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) have banded together to produce this utterly brilliant skit. What happens when a Kardashian gets divorced? Watch.

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    Stolen Halloween ‘candy’. Hilarity ensues.

    He put out the dare to parents across America: video tape yourselves confessing to your own children that you stolen – and ate – all of their Halloween ‘candy’. A terrible practical joke, to be sure, but the reactions from children are hilarious. And tearful. Watch for the dawning look of horror:

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    288,000 jelly beans. One song.

    22 months 1,357 hours 30 people 2 ladders 1 still camera 288,000 jelly beans Those are the stats for this incredible music video which is quite a lovely song as well. The song is ‘In Your Arms’ and the artist is Kina Grannis. Knock yourselves out, have a listen!

  • 427444-lady-gaga

    MTV European Music Awards

    The 2011 MTV European Music Awards were held in Belfast over the weekend. Lady Gaga performed while chained to a giant moon and a naked man ambushed Hayden Panettiere on stage. As you do. As for the awards – Gaga took out the best female artist gong, Justin Bieber scored best male act, best live [read more]

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    History of Hip Hop. Beat boxed in 4 minutes.

    French beat box artist Eklips is one talented dude. Here he drops some mad beats and performs the history of Hip Hop in four minutes. And one take. Enjoy.

  • Screen shot 2011-10-28 at 11.11.57 AM

    Is this the future?

    We aren’t always perfect at predicting the future. But it’s fun right? In Back to the Future they said we’d have a fax machine in every room (look how that turned out) and Bill Gates himself apparently once said that no person would need more than 640kb of memory on their personal computers. Now most [read more]

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    Mamamia on Sky News ep 14 Promo

    On this week’s episode of Mamamia: an open discussion about stillbirth and miscarriage. Watch the promo here.

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    If only exercise were this fun…

    We wish there was some kind of incentive from exercise while we’re doing it. The endorphins come later, to be sure, but what about in the moment? And then a French company goes and does this which, frankly, isn’t helping anyone. But it’s a nice thought!

  • Kim Kardashian arriving at Sydney airport today

    The Kardashians explained. Kind of.

    Mamamia’s Managing Editor Lana writes: Kim Kardashian arrived in Sydney today and Khaos ensued as it does when the Kardashians, well when the Kardashians blink. News.com reports: “Arriving with her entourage – including sister Khloe and her L.A. Lakers basketball star husband Lamar Odom – the newly-single Kim walked through the back of the airport [read more]

  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

    Kim Kardashian files for divorce. After 72 days.

    It was the wedding that apparently raked in $18 million for Kim Kardashian who recently appeared in weekend magazines in stories titled ‘My life as a brand’. And a wedding is the ultimate ‘plot’ point in the career of someone who does reality TV for a living. Or so the cynics say. Perhaps Kim Kardashian’s [read more]

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    People are awesome. Really very awesome.

    You may remember we ran a montage of pretty awesome people doing pretty awesome things. It was irresistibly watchable and now there’s a 2011 version. Strap yourselves in, it’s a bit of a hoot.