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    Video of the day: Anne Hathaway raps, Lil’ Wayne style

    ShareEver thought you’d see Anne Hathaway rapping? That’s exactly what she did on Conan last week. Take a look, we were impressed and we think you might be too… Share

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    Mia chats to Jessica Rudd: full interview

    If you missed Mia’s full interview with Jessica Rudd, you can watch it here. Jessica Rudd is a Canberra-born, Brisbane-raised ex-lawyer, ex-campaign worker and ex-PR consultant who lives with her husband in Beijing. She has written Campaign Ruby and Ruby Blues (available 31st October).

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    Watch Mamamia on Sky News Ep 3 here

    It’s Friday and you know what that means – time for another episode of Mamamia TV on Sky News! Here’s the episode: On the show this week : Tracey Spicer, Sam de Brito, Nina Funnell and Brendan Maclean. For a quick wrap up of the topics, check out the promo:   Mia spoke to ‘John [read more]

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    Video of the Day: TV presenter destroys Chris Brown

    You all probably remember that Chris Brown, the singer, assaulted his then girlfriend popstar Rihanna giving her horrible facial injuries. Well, he’d prefer that everyone just forgot about it. Which is how this man got into a bit of a fight with Brown. His fake ‘apology’ to the singer is both outrageously funny and poignant [read more]

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    Mia talks to John Curtis: full interview

    John Curtis is a former special forces soldier who has put his talents, energy and passion into fighting the child sex trade throughout Asia. He started The Grey Man, an organisation full of undercover workers who free child sex slaves from an appalling life of exploitation and misery. If you missed it on Mamamia on [read more]

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    Video of the day: The See Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation

    Comedian Ben Stiller has been trying to come up with a catchy name for his new foundation to bring education to kids in under served areas of the US. The one he thought would get the most attention? The See Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation. Take a look:

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    Mamamia TV – Episode 3 Promo

    The third episode of Mamamia TV will air tomorrow night on Sky News at 9:15pm, in the meantime here is a sneak peek of what you can expect on the show:

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    Watch Mamamia on Sky News Ep 2 here

    Mamamia TV is back on the small screen and if you missed it on Sky or don’t have Foxtel, you can watch the full episode here: If you are late to the party and haven’t seen the first episode of the second series, you can catch it here. Don’t forget to block out your diaries [read more]

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    Video of the day: John Stamos’ ultimate guide to cuddles.

    THIS. If you haven’t yet seen this video, you’re missing out on the triple threat of John Stamos, cuddles and hilariousness. And that’s really the perfect Monday antidote. What’s more, Stamos is the spokesman for Project Cuddle which aims to rescue abandoned babies. Collective ‘awwwwww’. Their website says this: “Tragically, babies are being abandoned across [read more]

  • It's easy to get carried away with gifts on Valentine's Day. Is there something more meaningful you could give?

    I suffer from present pressure. Do you?

    There are two types of people in the world: those who have present drawers and those who don’t. I wish I were a present-drawer kind of person. I wish I had a smug stash of thoughtful, useful, delightful gifts simply waiting for the appropriate recipient. But I’m not that person and ain’t it a damn [read more]

  • When things seemed more fun...

    Childhood time machine: what’s your favourite memory?

          The time machine can take you anywhere in your childhood. To a taste. A feeling. A moment. A year. A sensation. It won’t take you somewhere nasty. Nowhere you wouldn’t want to return to, just somewhere you’ve been and loved in those innocent days of being a kid. How utterly fascinating it [read more]

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    Mamamia TV on Sky News.

    It’s that time of the week again – Mamamia TV is on Sky News at 9:15pm tonight. Block out your diary or set your Foxtel IQ because this week’s show is set to be a cracker. (If you miss it, it will be repeated on Saturday at 2:15pm). Our guests around the table this week [read more]

  • The Brady Bunch

    5 lessons I learnt from watching daytime TV

    We’re having issues in our house at the moment. With TV. And our toddler. It seems Ava has developed a rather strong attachment  (some would say obsession) to Play School. And some other kids show involving plasticine penguins who seem to have an alarming number of material possessions. For penguins. But I got to thinking [read more]

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    Video of the day: Mariachi band serenades a whale

    In the mood for something adorable? You’ll love this. Mariachi band ‘Mariachi Connecticut’ went to Mystic Aquarium to perform for a wedding, and ended up serenading a beluga whale – who absolutely loved the music. This is a must-watch:

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    Watch Mamamia on Sky News Ep 1 here

    Welcome to the second season of Mamamia TV. If you missed it on Sky or don’t have Foxtel, you can watch the first full episode here: And don’t forget to block out your diaries or set your Foxtel IQ for 9:15pm* every Friday on Sky News (repeated on a Saturday at 2:15)

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    Peter FitzSimons talks sporting heroes and bandannas

    If you missed the first episode of season two of Mamamia (we’ll have the video up shortly) Mia talked to author, one time sporting hero and journalist, Peter FitzSimons about Cadelgate and also asked him about why he wears that red bandanna.   You can read an extract from his book Batavia here. And, finally, [read more]

  • Michael and Kate Masterchef

    And the Masterchef winner is…

        Kate!!!!! Imagine cooking for the best chef in the world? That is what Kate and Michael had to do for their final challenge in the Masterchef kitchen. Presented with a snowman with the skinniest  carrot nose that you have ever seen, Kate and Michael had to cook a dish created by chef René [read more]

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    Viral vid of the day: Best parallel park ever

    A German parallel parking enthusiast Ronny “C-Rock” Wechselberger sets a new world record by sliding into a tight spot that’s 26 centimeters longer than the Volkswagen Polo he’s driving. How are you at parallel parking? Are you more Austin Powers than “C-Rock”?

  • The cover of Lisa Pryor's latest book.

    Drugs aren’t (that) bad. An extract from Lisa Pryor’s book.

    Mia talked to Lisa Pryor on the first episode of Mamamia (season two) about her new book, which could potentially change the drug debate in this country. You can buy the book here. The following is an unedited extract of ‘The Silence’, a beginning chapter from Lisa Pryor’s new work A Small Book About Drugs [read more]

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    Mamamia TV – everything you need to know

    Welcome to the second season of Mamamia TV. If you missed it on Sky or don’t have Foxtel, you can watch the first full episode here: And don’t forget to block out your diaries or set your Foxtel IQ for 9:15pm* every Friday on Sky News. It’s a new time slot and a new format. [read more]

  • Gossip had a place. Does it still?

    Sister said what?

          In the small town where I spent most of my youth, the economy was fuelled by agricultural supply stores, bake sales and a machinery line of gossip and rumour. The place was stocked with people who would go to open house inspections not with any intention of buying but to see what [read more]

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    Video of the day: The future of technology

    Ever wondered what technology might be like in a few years? This video from Swedish company TAT (‘The Astonishing Tribe’) is fascinating – it shows just a few of the features we should expect to see by 2014, including stretchable and transparent screens. Take a look… What technology would you like to see by 2014?

  • Kate Hunter and Katrina on the set of The Block. This post is sponsored by Microsoft

    Win a Windows 7 PC! It helped the contestants on The Block and now it could help you

    This competition is now closed.  Well done Lady Sarah! A true child of the eighties, it took me a long time to let my Filofax go. (For those born post 1990, the Filofax was THE diary of a decade. As surely as video killed the radio star, the smartphone killed the Filofax). Mine was bright [read more]

  • Mamamia TV returns

    Exciting news! We are back. On Friday the 5th August at 9:15 on Sky News. Mia will be talking to Lisa Pryor, take a look…

  • danish acapella vocal group

    This will make you dance…

    The Mamamia Team are dancing to this one. Playing it on repeat and dancing in the corridors in fact. Okay there aren’t any corridors as such but we are dancing next to our desks. We just know you will love it too. Check it out – a Danish acapella vocal group  paying tribute to the [read more]

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    Mamamia TV returns

    Exciting news! We are back. On Friday at 9:15 on Sky News  

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    Life in a Day

    On July 24, 2010 thousands of people uploaded videos onto YouTube documenting how they spent this particular day. All this footage has now been edited down and made into a 90-minute glimpse into a single day on earth. Here’s the preview, take a look:

  • Ronan Keating

    The night I broke up with Ronan Keating

    There’s a lot of collateral damage when a relationship self-combusts.  In between the slamming doors, swearing, crying, take-me-back-I’ll-change proclamations, you-lying-bitch/bastard revelations, the drunken texts, the slurred phone messages and the occasional Twitter war or Facebook rant … there’s the stuff.  The “us” stuff. The lovey-dovey, schmoopy, honey-bun couple stuff that is forever ruined. There are [read more]

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    How to look like you know your stuff (in six easy steps)

      I’ll let you in on a secret, knowing stuff – for real – is hard. It usually takes years of dedication. Not to mention, lots and lots of reading. Still want to know stuff? In truth, knowing stuff isn’t as great as it sounds. Knowing stuff can lead to depression. It can make it [read more]

  • For the love of a saving ... but how far would you go?

    What won’t you do for a bargain?

            The Magnum stick was licked clean. I’d slobbered on it for a good 10 minutes before I’d realised it was a winner, entitling my worthy self to one entire free Magnum ice cream. All I had to do was hand my slobber stick over (which was also my prize) to the [read more]