• Rihanna banned Instagram photos

    FLUFF: Rihanna’s nipples banned from Instagram.

        Rihanna’s not what you’d call shy. She is, incidentally, what you’d call topless. Often. This week, Rihanna‘s been posting a series of bare-chested photographs on her Instagram account – most of them from  a Vogue Brazil editorial, all of them gorgeous. The coy Hand-Bra style ones were allowed to stay – like this one here. [read more]

  • Diane Keaton flirting

    FLUFF: Proof that Diane Keaton is an outrageous flirt.

          This interview with Diane Keaton is just absolute heaven. The 68-year-old legend sat down with USA Today Show host Matt Lauer for seven minutes of rare Hollywood candour. It’s a genuinely extraordinary chat about body image, creative genius, style, her association with Woody Allen and turtle-neck jumpers… But it’s also a masterclass in flirtation. Diane [read more]

  • Georgie Gardner funniest moments on Today

    FLUFF: Uh-oh. One of the Today Show hosts slept in this morning.

      Georgie Gardner forgot to set her alarm clock for the first time in seven years – and slept in this morning. When she finally appeared on the Today Show set, Ben Fordham was celebrating the chance to tease her. Until today, the crew have said they could almost set their watches by Georgie’s arrival – she’s that [read more]

  • George Clooney getting married

    How come George Clooney was ‘tamed’ and Jennifer Aniston ‘saved’?

                George Clooney’s mother has confirmed that her son is officially “engaged“. She said she’s “extremely happy”. Please, Mrs Clooney, let’s remember to use the correct language here. George has been “tamed”. He’s been “tied down”. He’s been tricked into marriage by a lady human, because that’s what lady humans do best. Oh, and [read more]

  • ian ross

    TV presenter Ian Ross dies, aged 73. May he rest in peace.

            Ian Ross has died aged 73 from pancreatic cancer. The former Seven News presenter, affectionately known as ‘Roscoe’, died last night in a Gold Coast hospital, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Ross revealed in January that he had routine blood tests before Christmas which resulted in the news that he had pancreatic cancer. The cancer [read more]

  • Prince Harry new girlfriend

    Celeb news: Have Prince Harry and his girlfriend called it quits?

            It might be a while before we get to see another royal wedding, after all. PEOPLE magazine is reporting that Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas have broken up after two years. A “source” has told the magazine that things were not going well between 29-year-old Harry and his 24-year-old [read more]

  • Alyson Hannigan How I Met Your Mother finale

    FLUFF: The missing scene from the How I Met Your Mother finale.

          Most How I Met Your Mother fans were not emotionally prepared for the devastating final episode. When it aired, many of us were sad, angry and confused by the way things ended. Turns out nobody was sadder or madder than Alyson Hannigan, who played Lily on the show. She says she actually filmed [read more]

  • My Kitchen Rules Finale

    FLUFF: Bree and Jessica beat Chloe and Kelly in My Kitchen Rules final

            South Australian mums Bree and Jessica have taken out the My Kitchen Rules title after defeating resident villains Chloe and Kelly from Western Australia. The controversial cook-off started with the aptly dressed women – Chloe and Kelly in black (like their souls?) and the angelic mums in white – delivering extended monologues [read more]

  • Emma Stone lip sync

    FLUFF: Emma Stone wins ultimate lip-sync battle.

              We know Emma Stone is a massive Spice Girls fan. We know Emma Stone is a sassy girlfriend who won’t let her Spiderman boyfriend get away with causal sexism. What we didn’t know – until now – was that Emma Stone is a sweet-as rapper. Ems went on The Tonight Show [read more]

  • Bondi Vet Bold and the Beautiful

    FLUFF: Bondi Vet offered a role on Bold and the Beautiful.

            Dr Chris Brown’s chiselled jaw is finally getting the attention it deserves. The Superman-looking Bondi Vet has just been talent scouted by American TV producers for the long-running soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful. All we need to do now is organise a black and white, soft focus photo shoot on the beach [read more]

  • Spice Girls reunion

    FLUFF: The Spice Girls had a reunion and you weren’t invited.

      Those three magic words. The three little words every girl in the world yearns to hear. SPICE GIRLS REUNION. Let’s be honest, straight up. The Spice Girls Reunion actually took place at Victoria Beckham’s 40th birthday party (i.e. We weren’t invited, we couldn’t buy tickets, and it’s already over). Mel C, Geri Halliwell, and Emma Bunton [read more]

  • Orlando Bloom Selena Gomez couple

    FLUFF: Is this the weirdest celebrity couple-swap?

      OK WHOA. Celebrity Cupid has been shooting some crazy-ass arrows recently. But this famous-person relationship rumour might just be the wackiest we’ve heard in a while. Wait for it, wait for it… British charmer/ handsome devil/ former Mr Miranda Kerr, 37-year-old Orlando Bloom, has apparently been getting his snuggle on with… Twenty one-year-old Singer/actress/Disney star Selena Gomez. Yep, [read more]

  • Robbie Williams

    FLUFF: Which celebrity dad is expecting baby number two?

                Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field are expecting their second child. The excited dad took to twitter on Monday night to share their exciting news. Williams married Ms Field on the grounds of their Beverly Hills mansion in 2010 and welcomed their beautiful daughter Theodora Rose in 2012. Fans [read more]

  • Chris Martin consciously uncoupled

    Celeb news: Chris Martin blames himself for his ‘conscious uncoupling’ from Gwyneth.

              Chris Martin, fragile rose of a man, has opened up about his break-up from wife Gwyneth Paltrow. Or, should we say, his ‘conscious uncoupling‘ from Gwyneth, the mother of his two babies, Apple and Moses. The 37-year-old Coldplay singer has blamed his “personal issues” for not being able to appreciate [read more]

  • My Kitchen Rules rigged

    FLUFF: Was My Kitchen Rules rigged?

              My Kitchen Rules? More like My Kitchen Riggs The Results. That’s what angry fans are saying after last night’s episode, when South Australian mums Bree May and Jessica Liebich beat 26-year-old Victorian twinsies Helena and Vikki Moursellas. The elimination means that serial meanies Chloe, 28, and Kelly, 27, (who will now be known by [read more]

  • Bonnie Sveen Logies speech

    So this is what plus sized looks like in the TV industry.

            Apart from Karl Stefanovic’s hangover and Kylie’s lip-synch performance, there’s one thing everyone’s talking about from last night’s Logies: the acceptance speech made by 24-year-old Home & Away actress Bonnie Sveen. It certainly wasn’t your usual “Most Popular New Talent ” acceptance speech. For a start, she thanked the traditional land owners [read more]

  • Kylie MInogue Logies performance

    FLUFF: The 4 Kylie Minogue Logies moments we need to talk about immediately.

    Kylie’s back, baby, for one night only. The 45-year-old singer was the shiniest celebrity at last night’s Logies – and today we cannot stop talking about her. Let’s break this down. There are 3 big Kylie moments we need to debrief on, and you know where we need to start. 1. That performance. Did she lip-sync or did [read more]

  • Kate Middleton name

    FLUFF: Exactly how much it costs to be a stylish Royal.

              The Queen may have advised Kate Middleton, 32, to keep her hemlines below the knee and wear more tiaras, but doesn’t sound like she had a price limit. So how much did Kate’s royal tour wardrobe cost? $83,000.   Yep. 83,000 big ones. The Duchess of Cambridge pulled off 22 different [read more]

  • Emma Stone new hair

    FLUFF: Emma Stone’s got new hair.

    New hair, new hair, Emma Stone has new hair. NEW. HAIR. The 25-year-old actress rocked a shaggy ombre hairdo on the red carpet with a brand new forehead curtain – or if you’re into technical terms, a fringe. Behold, the windswept, tousled, casually mind-blowing gorgeousness… Let’s get a proper look at Emma’s stunning floor-length dress… She’s attending [read more]

  • Mariah Carey surprise album

    FLUFF: Mariah Carey wants to do a surprise album. Has already ruined the surprise.

              Mariah Carey has announced that she wants to ‘pull a Beyonce‘ and release a secret album. Only, she’s already spoiled the surprise. The 44-year-old original pop diva has told Billboard magazine that she wants to surprise the industry – and graciously, as far as we can tell, they didn’t explain [read more]

  • ryan-gosling-bp__span

    Dear Ryan Gosling. Stop being so Ryan Gosling.

        Over Easter and ANZAC break, we’re going to bring you some of our most popular (and our favourite) posts in recent memory. They are stories that made us laugh, made us cry, or made us want to pump out fists in the air. Enjoy.  Hey Boy, I think we need to talk. You [read more]

  • George Clooney wedding

    Is George Clooney finally settling down?

        Sorry ladies. We’re here to deliver you some tough news this morning. It seems Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney, 52, is no longer an eternal bachelor. The handsome actor has reportedly proposed to his girlfriend of less than a year, humanitarian lawyer Amal Alamuddin, 36. A source has told the New York Post’s Page [read more]

  • george-after

    Did this magazine actually just airbrush a photo of baby Prince George?

        The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wrapped up their Australian tour yesterday, but the photoshop scandal involving baby George stole the limelight from their departure. Us Weekly have been accused of… enhancing George face to make him a little more cover-ready. In the airbrushed photo, he appears to have greener eyes, rosier cheeks [read more]

  • olivia

    Congratulations to this adorable celebrity couple.

        Impossibly good-looking celeb couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis:   … have just welcomed their first child into the world. Sudeikis, 38, an actor and comic famous for his time on Saturday Night Live, and Wilde, 30, tweeted this beautiful picture of little Otis:   Ladies and gentlemen, Otis Alexander Sudeikis has LEFT [read more]

  • Joan Rivers dead

    Joan Rivers, you’ve finally gone too far.

              “Comedian” Joan Rivers has officially gone too far. Today, 80-year-old Rivers made fun of the three women who were held captive for a decade in Ariel Castro‘s basement. She thought it was appropriate – funny, even, presumably – to crack a joke about Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, all three [read more]

  • take off a shirt

    You’ve been taking your shirt off wrong your entire life.

      Life hacks. Those ingenious ideas that make already simple things in our lives even simpler. Let’s agree that taking off a T-shirt is hardly sexy. It covers your face on the way over, gets caught on your chin and — unless you’ve got a taut six-pack underneath that you’re hanging out to show off, Fergie-style — it’s [read more]

  • Jodie Foster married

    FLUFF: Jodie Foster marries Ellen’s ex-girlfriend.

                  In glorious gay-wedding news, Jodie Foster just got surprise-married. The 51-year-old actress – who has starred in Contact and The Silence of the Lambs – got hitched to her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison. They’d been dating for about a year. They got hitched last weekend but we’ve only just found [read more]

  • jamila rizvi 1

    JAM: “That one time when I met Kim Kardashian.”

              Over Easter and ANZAC break, we’re going to bring you some of our most popular (and our favourite) posts in recent memory. They are stories that made us laugh, made us cry, or made us want to pump out fists in the air. Enjoy.  “We’ve been offered an interview with [read more]

  • Baby

    One of our favourite celebs just gave birth to baby #2.

    And she called it… Frankie! Overnight, Drew Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman welcomed their second baby girl to the family. Drew, 39, and Will, 36, already had a daughter – one-year-old Olive. In a statement to People magazine, the couple said: “Happy to announce that today we are the proud parents of our second [read more]

  • Emma Stone Andrew Garfield interview

    FLUFF: Emma Stone calls out her Spiderman boyfriend for sexism.

        Need another reason to love Emma Stone? More specifically, do you need footage of the truly excellent moment when Emma gets all feminist on her superhero boyfriend in front of a room of tiny Spiderman fans? Because we can hook you up with exactly that. Emma and her Spiderman boyfriend and co-star Andrew Garfield (the [read more]