• The_Block_Sky_High_Twins_expressions_1 copy

    FLUFF: The Block twins claim they were “bullied” by the show’s producers.

        Love them or hate them, those police-women twins make damn good television. Barely a day goes by without a Twins-related scandal on The Block… In their latest tantrum, Lysandra and Alisa Fraser are claiming they were bullied by the show’s producers who deliberately edited footage to make them look like villains. The twins, [read more]

  • Mila Kunis pregnant on Ellen

    FLUFF: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis on TV together again.

      It’s Jackie and Kelso from That 70s Show all over again. Except possibly even cuter, now that the actors are in a real-life loved up relationship. Mila Kunis, 30, appears opposite her husband-to-be Ashton Kutcher, 36, in an episode of Two and a Half Men. And they’ve still got that magical on-screen chemistry. But [read more]

  • Megan Gale pregnant shoot

    FLUFF: Behind the scenes of Megan Gale’s naked pregnant shoot.

                    So, absolutely stunning mega-babe Megan Gale appears naked and heavily pregnant on the cover of Marie Claire. But we’ve just been given a sneaky look behind the scenes of the photo shoot, and it turns out Megan found the prospect of stripping down in front of camera [read more]

  • Rachel Griffiths interview

    Rachel Griffiths on her kids’ names, asylum seekers, and what makes her proud to be Australian.

      Rachel Griffiths is a peculiar type of famous person. She’s proud, private and grounded. She’s enormously respected in Hollywood, but somehow she’s managed to stay real and Australian. Obviously, you remember Rachel’s breakout role in Muriel’s Wedding alongside Toni Collette. Since then, she’s played Brenda in HBO’s Six Feet Under and Sarah in Brothers [read more]

  • megan-gale

    Pregnant Megan Gale poses nude on the cover of Marie Claire.

    Megan Gale has become the latest celeb to pose nude on a magazine cover. Except she’s done it while 30 weeks pregnant. The cover shoot for the May issue of Marie Claire magazine is eerily reminiscent of the shoot Demi Moore did for Vanity Fair in 1991. Despite her initial hesitations about doing something “that’s [read more]

  • Sarah Jessica Parker Twitter

    Life Lesson: Do not cross Sarah Jessica Parker on Twitter.

        Sarah Jessica Parker has redefined ‘takedown’ after an offensive tweet was sent her way by Twitter user (and self-described “relationship expert”) Sarah J. Symonds. The tweet in question was deleted immediately after the Sex and the City star began to draw attention to it. However, celebrity news website Perez Hilton is reporting that Symonds [read more]

  • hipstes pose as miranda kerr

    NSFW: If you thought the Miranda GQ shots were hot, these are better.

      Bow down to the Bondi Hipsters, everyone. They’ve just given the internet a magnificent gift: The perfect response to Miranda Kerr’s hyper-sexual GQ photo shoot. The Bondi Hipsters are just two Aussie guys with giant eco-hipster beards, YouTube channel, and a fashion label. They’ve just released their own, hairier version of the now infamous, [read more]

  • Brad Pitt Steubenville movie

    Brad Pitt just announced his next movie. And we could not be more disappointed.

              Brad Pitt has just announced that he’s making a movie about one of the most notorious rape cases in recent history. He’ll tell the story of a 16-year-old girl raped by two guys at a party in Steubenville, Ohio in August 2012. If you remember, the girl was sexually assaulted [read more]

  • feminism hates men

    6 reasons everyone loves Tina Fey

      Tina Fey. The Queen of all that is brilliant and magnificent. Writer, movie star, mother, wife, general winner of the human race, is starring in the new Muppets movie The Muppets: Most Wanted in cinemas April 10. It would take far too long to detail all her fabulousness in one go, so I’ve narrowed it down to [read more]

  • Ajay Rochester gun

    Celeb news: The Australian TV star who just bought a gun to defend her teenage son.

          Australian TV personality Ajay Rochester has shocked listeners by telling Kyle and Jackie O she will buy a gun to defend her son and her home. Rochester, 44, is currently living in Los Angeles with her 14-year-old son. Their home was broken into recently by three men, all of whom were found [read more]

  • Tom Cruise in Top Gun

    FLUFF: 50-something Tom Cruise is making a Top Gun sequel.

              If you like your lead men to err on the Hemsworth side of the “young and devastatingly handsome men” spectrum, look away now. Because 51-year-old Scientologist Tom Cruise is about to start making Top Gun 2 — 28 years after the original action hit was released. Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer says the [read more]

  • James Franco Instagram

    FLUFF: James Franco allegedly tries to seduce teenager over social media.

     FLUFF UPDATE: James Franco speaks about trying to seduce a teenager over social media. James Franco has since spoken out about the scandal in an interview on Live With Kelly and Michael. Franco said: “I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky. It’s a way people meet each other today but what [read more]

  • Paul Walker daughter

    CELEB NEWS: Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend gains custody of their daughter.

                  Paul Walker‘s ex-girlfriend has gained custody of their daughter, Meadow, in a court battle with Walker’s mother, Cheryl Ann. The mother of the late Fast and the Furious star had submitted a petition seeking temporary guardianship of the 15-year-old, stating that she did not think that the girl’s [read more]

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother

    9 problems faced by those who play by the rules when watching TV.

      I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When I watch television, I do so in my lounge room, in front of a television set. The television programming I access is either free-to-air broadcast picked up by an antenna on top of my house, or DVD box sets that I purchase at [read more]

  • D Party

    8 facts to get you through your next dinner party.

          Beer is one of the most fascinating beverages ever invented, weaved into history, particularly the history of women. When most people think about beer, they think of it as a man’s drink, but considering the fact that women were the first brewers of beer (even Jane Austen brewed her own beer) it [read more]

  • Emma Watson

    How Emma Watson escaped the child-star curse.

      We’re all familiar with the cliches about former child stars. From Lindsey Lohan to the Corey’s, they have a tendency to, sadly, go off the rails. Fortunately, one young woman seems immune from the curse of the public eye; and Hollywood is a much better place for it. The entire world has watched Emma [read more]

  • Nigella Lawson banned from America

    Celeb news: Nigella Lawson denied entry to the United States.

              Nigella Lawson has been banned from entering the United States. The TV chef was about to board a flight to Los Angeles to a guest-star as a judge on The Taste, when she was advised that she would not be allowed to enter the country on account of her admission [read more]

  • How I Met Your Mother finale reactions

    Watch: The How I Met Your Mother ending we all really wanted

    A lot of people got angry about the ending of How I Met Your Mother. But one fan decided to get even. They cut an alternative ending, posted it to YouTube, and pretty much everyone else loves it better than the real one. If you don’t want the fake-ending spoiled, don’t watch the video. And if [read more]

  • Ellen Photoshop model long arms

    FLUFF: Ellen speaks to Photoshop disaster victim. It’s hilarious.

                Well, this is excellent. Ellen DeGeneres has invited the victim of a tragic Photoshop disaster to speak out about her experience… with, ah, totally unexpected results. This model here appeared in a Target ad with supernaturally extended arms and a clumsily Photoshopped ‘thigh gap‘. Go on, stand up and [read more]

  • hollywood

    Exactly what it’s like to work as a celebrity’s personal assistant.

          Holy wow. Accidental drug-running, 4 am starts, emergency psychic readings, heavy drinking, and breaking up with extremely famous men. Oh, that’s all in a week’s work for a celebrity’s personal assistant. A celeb PA just dished all the weirdest details of working for an extremely famous Hollywood star, in the most controversial [read more]

  • Orlando Bloom Flynn

    These photos of Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn are almost too cute to handle.

          Are you (and your maternal instinct) emotionally prepared for these beautiful photos of Orlando Bloom and his toddler Flynn? Be warned: They are almost too adorable to look at directly. Orlando, 37, has finally been given his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. To celebrate, he [read more]

  • The cast of The Block.

    FLUFF: Which The Block contestants are never coming back?

                Yowzers. So much drama has been brewing on The Block this season. In a shocking development, two of the most dramatic contestants ever have decided not to return to the hit TV show. Ever. Those 29 year old twins Lysandra and Alisa Fraser have quit the show to save their sisterly relationship. [read more]

  • is Miranda Kerr bisexual

    The best way to deal with a celebrity divorce? Take your pants off and tell the world you’re bicurious.

              Miranda Kerr just significantly expanded humanity’s spank-bank by declaring herself bi-curious. Talking to British GQ, the 30-year-old supermodel confessed that she’s open to some bisexual experimentation. “I appreciate both men and women,” she said, probably winking coyly over her bare shoulder during the butt-naked photo shoot. “I love the female [read more]

  • Lauren Conrad new hair

    FLUFF: Which celebrity just dyed her hair bright purple?

      Lauren Conrad does hair well. Gloriously, magnificently well. The 28-year-old reality tv star / model / owner of fabulous famous hair just made a drastic change. Look. Just look at these luscious violet locks. So luscious. So violet. Lauren has simultaneously nailed it and provided a picture women will take to their hairdressers for years [read more]

  • Grant Hackett rehab

    Celeb news: Grant Hackett speaks for the first time since rehab.

            Grant Hackett has just made his first statement since coming out of rehab. The 33 year old former Olympic swimmer spoke to a Channel Nine reporter this morning, saying he’s feeling much better and that he’s proud of the decision to seek professional help. “The things I’ve learnt in the past [read more]

  • Kim Kardashian elephant

    FLUFF: Kim Kardashian tried to take a selfie with an elephant. Did not go well.

      Kim Kardashian loves a good selfie. She’s Queen of the Butt Selfie, huge fan of the family selfie, and newcomer to the baby selfie. Today, Kimmy K tried to take a Wildlife Selfie. And it did not go down well. The 33-year-old reality TV prodigy posed with a real life elephant and tried to [read more]

  • My Kitchen Rules boys

    Did these MKR contestants just accidentally reveal the winner?

    Well this is awkward. The blonde best friends turned lesbian power couple from My Kitchen Rules Carly and Tresne, who were recently evicted from the hit Channel 7 show, have revealed the winners. Accidentally of course. After completing an interview with Melbourne radio station Mix101.1’s hosts Chrissie Swan and Jane Hall this morning,  the married couple let the [read more]

  • Brooklyn Beckham model

    FLUFF: Victoria and David Beckham’s son is a model now.

    The eldest Beckham boy has just had his modelling debut. Yep, Victoria and David Beckham’s son Brooklyn creased his brow and got his pout on for his first fashion shoot. The genetically blessed 15-year-old appears on the cover of Man About Town and he looks every bit the son of fashion/soccer/1990s pop royalty. Here he [read more]

  • Nicole Kidman Jimmy Choo autumn

    FLUFF: Nicole Kidman unrecognisable in new Jimmy Choo ad.

          Nicole, is that you? Nicole Kidman? Mother of four children? Academy Award winning actress? Elegant, naturally gorgeous Nicole? Ah, look. OK. This is awkward. 46-year-old Nicole Kidman appears as the face/body of a new Jimmy Choo poster for the 2014 Autumn collection. Or, more accurately, a long-legged teenage ghost version of Nicole Kidman [read more]

  • Lorde's parents engaged

    FLUFF: Lorde calls out Photoshop. Because she’s the world’s best teenager.

              17-year-old indie singer-songwriter sensation Lorde – also known as ‘Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor’ and ‘the coolest teenager in the world’ – has proven yet again that she is, well, the coolest teenager in the world. We already know that the Royals is much more self-possessed than her 17 years would [read more]