• clare bowditch big hearted business 1

    Mamamia chats to Clare Bowditch: “Do what you love, make money, and save the world just a little bit.”

    Share      Clare Bowditch is one of Australia’s most respected songwriters and performers, not a bad actor (she was nominated for a Logie for her work on Offspring), and is one of the most genuine people in the entertainment industry today. That one, you’ll just have to trust me on. But if you do [read more]

  • baby, babies, feet, babies feet, new mum

    FLUFF: Baby news for one of our favourite Aussie singers.

      One of Australia’s most well known performers, and his wife, have welcomed a baby boy into the world. Proud father Guy Sebastian, his wife Jules, and their son Hudson, 3,  showed off the newest addition to their family by posting a few adorable snaps on Instagram this morning: “We are stoked to welcome little Archer Jones [read more]

  • Gwyneth Paltrow son's birthday party

    FLUFF: Gwyneth Paltrow went all out for her son’s birthday party.

                  Gwyneth Paltrow just threw her son Moses such an epic 8th birthday party. SHOCK: The little guy was even allowed gluten. And sugar. And hot dogs covered in cheese and refried beans and meat. Gwyneth, a renowned lentil-worshipper, went wild and let go of all her strict diet [read more]

  • TLC Australian tour

    FLUFF: TLC announce their first ever Australian tour.

          DON’T GO CHASING WATERFALLS PLEASE STICK TO THE RIVERS AND THE LAKES THAT YOU’RE USED TO BUY TICKETS IMMEDIATELY OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD TLC just announced their first ever Australian tour. Yes. Seriously. They’re coming. Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins have planned concerts in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and [read more]

  • Nikki Webster baby girl

    FLUFF: Nikki Webster makes you feel even older by showing you her baby girl.

        World, meet Nikki Webster’s baby girl Skylah. Yep, Nikki Webster of the Strawberry Kisses. Nikki Webster of the flying Olympic Ceremony performance. Nikki Webster, the legitimate adult who makes you feel extremely old every time she reaches a new life stage. The 26-year-old singer shared these sweet photos with The Daily Edition on [read more]

  • smart hot guys

    Why smart men are hot (AKA Marry me, Stephen Colbert)

          I’d sooner ride off into the sunset with Stephen Colbert than stare into Channing Tatum’s eyes for a night. I’d go Louis Theroux or Jon Ronson over Matthew McConaughey, and every time I see Hamish Macdonald on the telly, my heart skips a beat. And I don’t care that you know it. [read more]

  • Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

    FLUFF: Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson, Beyonce and Justin Bieber walk into a festival.

            They call it a music festival but really Coachella is just a mating ground for the most famous famous people on the planet. And there happens to be music. Over the weekend, celebrities flocked to the Coachella valley. Beyonce made a surprise appearance with her sister Solange, performing the hit Losing [read more]

  • Celine Dion's house

    FLUFF: Celine Dion’s house is the ultimate famous-person palace.

        Got a spare $72 million? Sweet. You can pick up Celine Dion‘s mega-palace with its own fully functioning water park. Seriously. This ridiculous mansion is the ultimate in opulent fairytale chic. Did we mention it has its own fully functioning water park? Celine, 46, has decided to sell the crazy, shiny palace because [read more]

  • Julia Louis Dreyfus Rolling Stone

    Julia Louis Dreyfus. We need to talk about your naked butt.

              Julia Louis-Dreyfus. You magnificent woman. You brilliant, unstoppable goddess of comedy. We need to talk, and I think you know what it’s about. Yeah, it’s your butt. Your naked butt on the cover of Rolling Stone. I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed (and confused and conflicted and possibly aroused, but we’ll [read more]

  • Katy Perry green hair

    FLUFF: Katy Perry changed her hair and she liked it.

                Katy Perry, you unpredictable minx, you. The 29-year-old I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It singer has brand new hair. She’s dyed it a colour that can only truly be described as ‘slime green’. But she’s left her bangs a rich black. It’s got all the tousled, bed-hair goodness [read more]

  • Kate Ritchie baby bump

    FLUFF: Kate Ritchie covers her baby bump in sparkles.

          Kate Ritchie, Home & Away legend and serial Logie winner, has posed on the front cover of Who magazine. She’s five months pregnant in the shot and she covers 2014′s Most Beautiful People in a glittery gold sequiny dress that appears to have its own waterfall of flowery sequin things flowing downwards all [read more]

  • The Block finale 2014

    And the winner of The Block is…

      Warning: This post contains spoilers. But surely you would have figured that, when you clicked on a post titled ‘And the winner of The Block is…’, right? Well, if you didn’t, might we kindly advise you that this post does contain significant, viewing-destroying spoilers. So, if you’re reading this on the bus, or the [read more]

  • art

    It has elegance, it has finesse, it has style. So why aren’t women buying it?

            Beer. Its definition is relatively straightforward: an alcoholic beverage made from malted grain, fermented by yeast and flavoured with hops; yet, when this simple four-lettered word is uttered and depending on what circles you travel in, the word beer can conjure up many different images. Beer, that historical beverage is unfortunately [read more]

  • Imogen Anthony sand bikini

    FLUFF: Kyle Sandilands’ girlfriend walks the runway in a bikini made of sand.

        Imogen Anthony, 22-year-old girlfriend of Kyle Sandliands, just walked the runway in a bikini made of sand. A BIKINI. MADE OF SAND. 42-year-old radio shock jock Sandilands was sitting in the front row as his lady-friend sashayed down the catwalk for Bondi Bathers wearing just some strategically placed sand granules. She’s also wearing [read more]

  • Gwyneth Paltrow Instagram

    FLUFF: Gwyneth celebrates her son’s birthday with perfect selfie.

            Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin‘s baby boy Moses is 8 years old today and his mama has shared an incredibly rare photo of a mother-son cuddle. Gwyneth, 41, posted this cute black and white snap on her Instagram, and the internet has gone into meltdown because… a) It’s adorable to the maximum, [read more]

  • Charlie Pickering final episode

    FLUFF: Goodbye Charlie Pickering, you beautiful man.

        It was only fitting that Charlie Pickering’s final sign-off on The Project featured a penis sketch. Last night, after his final time behind the desk at The Project, Charlie tweeted this picture… revealing that he’s been drawing a penis on his run-down sheet every night for the past 1,244 episodes. The man is [read more]

  • The_Block_Sky_High_Twins_expressions_1 copy

    FLUFF: The Block twins claim they were “bullied” by the show’s producers.

        Love them or hate them, those police-women twins make damn good television. Barely a day goes by without a Twins-related scandal on The Block… In their latest tantrum, Lysandra and Alisa Fraser are claiming they were bullied by the show’s producers who deliberately edited footage to make them look like villains. The twins, [read more]

  • megan-gale

    Pregnant Megan Gale poses nude on the cover of Marie Claire.

    Megan Gale has become the latest celeb to pose nude on a magazine cover. Except she’s done it while 30 weeks pregnant. The cover shoot for the May issue of Marie Claire magazine is eerily reminiscent of the shoot Demi Moore did for Vanity Fair in 1991. Despite her initial hesitations about doing something “that’s [read more]

  • Brad Pitt Steubenville movie

    Brad Pitt just announced his next movie. And we could not be more disappointed.

              Brad Pitt has just announced that he’s making a movie about one of the most notorious rape cases in recent history. He’ll tell the story of a 16-year-old girl raped by two guys at a party in Steubenville, Ohio in August 2012. If you remember, the girl was sexually assaulted [read more]

  • feminism hates men

    6 reasons everyone loves Tina Fey

      Tina Fey. The Queen of all that is brilliant and magnificent. Writer, movie star, mother, wife, general winner of the human race, is starring in the new Muppets movie The Muppets: Most Wanted in cinemas April 10. It would take far too long to detail all her fabulousness in one go, so I’ve narrowed it down to [read more]

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother

    9 problems faced by those who play by the rules when watching TV.

      I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When I watch television, I do so in my lounge room, in front of a television set. The television programming I access is either free-to-air broadcast picked up by an antenna on top of my house, or DVD box sets that I purchase at [read more]

  • D Party

    8 facts to get you through your next dinner party.

          Beer is one of the most fascinating beverages ever invented, weaved into history, particularly the history of women. When most people think about beer, they think of it as a man’s drink, but considering the fact that women were the first brewers of beer (even Jane Austen brewed her own beer) it [read more]

  • How I Met Your Mother finale reactions

    Watch: The How I Met Your Mother ending we all really wanted

    A lot of people got angry about the ending of How I Met Your Mother. But one fan decided to get even. They cut an alternative ending, posted it to YouTube, and pretty much everyone else loves it better than the real one. If you don’t want the fake-ending spoiled, don’t watch the video. And if [read more]

  • Lion 2

    Debate: The most influential person of the last 100 years. Go.

        When you talk about the most influential person in the last 100 or so years, the first that spring to mind are Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. Mainly for their work in bringing peace to a violent world. However, there are a lot more reasons someone can be truly inspiring and influential. [read more]

  • did Karl Stefanovic get fired?

    Karl Stefanovic suggests that he might be leaving Today.

            Karl Stefanovic has said that while he has no immediate plans to leave Today, when he does, he is definitely not returning to the breakfast time slot. The 39-year-old host sent the rumour mill into a spin after admitting that he had 18 months left on his contract, and that Channel [read more]

  • Television is educational

    Everything I know I learned from TV.

              Some people don’t watch much TV. Which is fine, if they are nice about it. But, more than once, I’ve had to bite the hell out of my tongue when “Oh, I don’t watch television” comes with a condescending little smile. Or, even more shockingly, when someone says: “I don’t [read more]

  • Harry Potter stuntman paralysed

    CELEB NEWS: The Harry Potter stuntman who was paralysed for life tells his story.

              He spent years falling off broomsticks and being thrown backwards by magical explosions. He even came face-to-face with Lord Voldemort and lived to tell the tale. But it was during a practice session on set that a Harry Potter stuntman was paralysed for life – and now he’s spoken out about [read more]

  • Kid Snippet

    Videos that are voiced by kids and acted by adults are absolutely hilarious.

    Grown men talking like children generally makes every women’s uterus crawl up and want to die. But, in this case it’s adorable and mushy and makes you want to cuddle them and buy them ice-cream. It’s just a cute bit of silly fun that reminds us not to take life too seriously. Kid Snippets is [read more]

  • Lion Nathan Video 1 Still

    The television show that changed your life. Go.

    Regardless of whether you think we all watch too much television, you have to admit that TV makes a big impact on our lives. While we might like to believe that it’s great literature or classical music that shapes our society, we all know that the Simpsons and Gossip Girl wield a tad more cultural [read more]

  • kevin bacon footloose tribute

    FLUFF: Kevin Bacon does the Footloose dance sequence again. Magnificent.

                  It may be 30 years since Kevin Bacon first danced, head-banged and aerobicised his way into our hearts as Ren McCormack in Footloose, but he’s still got the moves. And we’ve got the evidence. On an episode of The Tonight Show this week, (surprisingly attractive, extremely funny) host [read more]