• masterchef-australia

    And the winner of Masterchef 2014 is….

    If you’ve been following the show you’ll know that the two people left in the Grand finale are Brent and Laura:   And now, the 2014 winner of Masterchef has finally been announced. And we know one thing that’s for sure and certain…the person who won REALLY can cook. We’re about to enter into a spoiler- [read more]

  • movies that make you cry

    We pinpoint the exact moment you started crying in each of these movies.

      Hollywood loves a good tear-jerker and if you are a human being with tear ducts, we guarantee that these films have made water fall from them. Then we know exactly what moment salty water started trickling down your face. Yep, we’re welling up… What was the last movie you cried in?

  • The Block The Bachelor

    We’re about to get into a new round of televised “reality”.

              Reality TV in Australia is like a carousel you just can’t jump off — when one series (finally) ends, another one begins. Like clock work, we’re about to get into a new round of televised “reality”. So, helpful lasses we are, we take a look at the shows about to kick off, [read more]

  • asher keddie

    A new role for Asher Keddie.

        Uh, Nina what are you doing? What’s with the bob? And the power suit? I mean you look great as always but… Where is the bumbling inner-monologue? AND WHERE IS ZOE? If you were you thinking (and possibly yelling) these things last night as the promo for Channel 10′s new show Party Tricks aired, you certainly were not [read more]

  • voice finalists 2014

    And the winner of The Voice is…

          THE WINNER OF THE VOICE 2014 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Everyone, stay calm.  This is not a drill. Did you watch it? If not, and you’re deeply invested in this show, please turn back now. Seriously, go away. (Until you’ve caught up that is, in which case please come straight back). We’re about [read more]

  • glee lawsuit

    FLUFF: Top TV show forced to change its name.

            Glee is no more.* *in the UK. Yes, the popular teen comedy about a musical theatre group from Ohio has been forced to change its name following a ruling in the UK High Court. The Twentieth Century Fox show, which screens on Channel Eleven here in Australia, was being sued by [read more]

  • Photograph by Andrew Maccoll

    Dear Offspring, it’s time to call it a day.

        I’m just going to spit it out:  I want Offspring to finish.  I want this season – season five – to be the last one. In three weeks time, I want to be sitting on my couch, in my pjs watching a spectacular series finale. Not season finale. SERIES finale. I want to be laughing and crying [read more]

  • Robin Thicke's new album

    Things more successful than Robin Thicke’s new album.

            We thought it was bad when Robin Thicke’s new album only sold 530 copies in the UK. Then we heard it only sold 54 copies in Australia. FIFTY FOUR. We ran lemonade stalls on the corner of our streets growing up that were more successful than that. Actually. There are a lot [read more]

  • "There’s not a woman in Australia who watches Offspring and hasn’t either a) called her sister immediately after a show or b) sat on the couch wishing she had a Billie or a Nina in her life."

    Eight of the best moments shared between Billie and Nina on Offspring.

            Please don’t let it be true. Please, I’ll do anything for it NOT to be true. That was my reaction to the news that this season of Channel 10’s Offspring could be the show’s last. What? No more awkward Nina moments? No more eccentric Proudman family gatherings? No more drooling over [read more]

  • Sarah Ferguson 730 report

    After her Clive Palmer interview, we’re celebrating Sarah Ferguson for being distinctly awesome.

      At the start of this year, there was a distinctly Leigh-Sales-shaped hole in our nightly-news-watching hearts. But, over the past six months, a Sarah-Ferguson-shaped plug may well have filled it. After making the temporary move from Four Corners to 7:30, Sarah Ferguson has proven that she is willing to take anyone and everyone to [read more]

  • ben from big brother

    Former Big Brother housemate reveals struggle with depression and anxiety.

                Look, it aint often a Big Brother contestant really makes you think about the big issues. But former BB housemate Ben Zabel has just got 3 million people talking about mental health in the workplace. Zabel has just revealed why he lost his job as a flight attendant at [read more]

  • George Clooney and Amal

    George Clooney defends his fiancee, his mother-in-law, truth, justice and all that is good.

              George Clooney’s way with words is even better than his hair. The Hollywood actor and silver fox has just publicly defended his future mother-in-law from slander in the tabloids. In a fierce open letter published by US Today, Clooney slammed The Daily Mail for printing what he claims are lies about [read more]

  • the voice kids 4

    “A little girl burst into tears on The Voice Kids last night. I’m OK with that.”

          UPDATE: 13-year-old Romy, who broke down in tears on The Voice Kids last night, appeared on A Current Affair this evening with her parents to talk about the experience of appearing on the reality television show. Romy told the current affairs program that she was “very happy” with her performance. The teenager also [read more]

  • Sandra-2

    9 reasons why a decade of Cristina Yang wasn’t nearly enough.

        Note: This post contains spoilers.  Consensus tell us the female characters that TV viewers like watching most, are four things: 1. Happy 2. Caring 3. Uncomplicated; and 4. Stereotypically beautiful.   Within that very narrow definition, heroines on the small screen can have all the individuality they like – but not a shred [read more]

  • Once upon a time frozen

    FLUFF: Australian actress gets to play Elsa from Frozen.

          And you thought we’d run out of things to tell you about the movie Frozen. NUP. Now we’ve got news that Australian actress Georgina Haig will play Frozen’s Queen Elsa in the TV show Once Upon a Time. Let’s check the likeness: Yep. Solid. She will join Greek star Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff [read more]

  • maleficent

    3 reasons Mia Freedman wants you to see Maleficent.

              Do you wanna punch a snowman? Someone posted that on Facebook the other day and I laughed out loud because I think we’ve all been there. Or are there. As wonderful – truly wonderful – Frozen was, it was also kiddie crack, especially for little girls who have spent the [read more]

  • Em Rusciano

    “This was my very first concert and it completely changed my life.”

          Do you remember your musical emancipation from your parents? The first time you spent your pocket money on a cassette, or vinyl single with no input from anyone else? I do, vividly. Up until the age of eight, the music I listened to was dictated by my parents. I had a steady [read more]

  • kmart 2 feature

    It’s the school holidays. And we guarantee your kid has already said THIS.

          You love having the kids home. You really do. Everything’s exactly how you planned. You’ve got muffins baking, play dates galore, you’ve got every Pixar movie ever made lined up and ready to go. You’ve got improving outings planned for every second day, and laid-back mornings where no-one’s having to be told [read more]

  • Dating Naked

    FLUFF: Naked Dating. It’s a thing. A real thing.

          So, um, we’re not entirely sure how to introduce this one to you. Let’s just say that if you were never a Bachelor fan, this one probably isn’t for you. And if you are? Well, um, this one probably still isn’t for you. US cable network VH1 have launched a new reality [read more]

  • the block hotel saville

    The shocking history of The Block’s new $7 million motel.

                Channel 9’s The Block has purchased a new property for the next series of the smash reality show – but the property in question has a shocking history that might put off some viewers and probably buyers. Sydney Confidential have reported that in 2002, a woman was raped and mutilated [read more]

  • egg activity

    Six things to do with the kids these winter holidays.

          Why does everyone laugh at me when I say I love school holidays? I seriously do. I have three kids and lots of nieces and nephews and the more of them I have at my house, the better. Even in the winter school holidays when it’s cold and you can’t just spend [read more]

  • End of school, beginning of holidays. ACTION!

    School holidays: Expectations vs reality.

        You want your children back. You want them back from the morning routine, from the playground whispers, from the rush and the timetables and the after school activities. You want them back from NAPLAN, and homework and schools’ admission tests and mid-year reports and parent-teacher nights. You want them back from that girl [read more]

  • Masterchef twist

    FLUFF: Oh no you didn’t, Masterchef.

                Well this is a really great way to divide your entire fan base and throw a spatular in the works of an entire cooking competition. The creators of Masterchef have just brought back 14 whole contestants, handing them a second chance to compete on the show on a prized [read more]

  • around the block

    This film teaches you one very powerful lesson.

        At 16, the world is your so-called oyster. The possibility of a pearl shines bright. You are fearless, excited and really believe you’ll be able to achieve something spectacular in the 70 or 80 years ahead. But that isn’t so for Liam Wood. Liam doesn’t have many options available to him, life is not an abundance [read more]

  • daenareys

    8 things only extremely addicted Game of Thrones fans will understand.

      Game of Thrones is a commitment. Once you’ve watched one episode there is no walking away and forgetting about it, your’re either there for the long haul (which at this rate is pretty long) or you’re not there at all. Why? Because Game of Thrones is more intense than a Westerosi winter. And if you [read more]

  • Scary

    The 6 stages of a family movie night.

        There’s a big difference between having a movie night pre-children as there is with having a movie night post kids. Pre-kids, you grab some dinner, perhaps a bottle of wine and bunker down for the latest release. With kids there’s more you have to get together. However, done well, a night in with [read more]

  • Seth MacFarlane's character poster from A Million Ways To Die In The West.

    Today, the whole world got together and said ‘no’ to Hollywood’s creepy, lazy misogyny.

            Today we can all give ourselves a pat on the back. We can turn to each other, with kindness in our eyes, and commend the collective wisdom of humanity. Because we have done a great thing. Normally human-caused emergent phenomena are terrible. Thousands of tiny, not-so-bad, every day choices, coming together [read more]

  • Iggy Azalea

    How a girl from small town NSW dominated the world, one sexualised lyric at a time.

      Let me tell you a story. There were once these four sweet-looking, kinda daggy guys who played a bit of music together. They wrote a couple of tunes, which they cobbled together into an album in 1964 and then? Within days, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and She Loves You held the number one [read more]

  • game-of-thrones

    Did Game of Thrones go way, way, way too far?

              Dear, brave Game of Thrones fans. Are you okay? Have you recovered? Did you manage to make it into work this morning, after experiencing the trauma of last night’s episode? Yesterday evening, social media was awash with 140-character messages that had the basic premise of, “Euurraaagghhhowww.” Because Game of Thrones Season [read more]

  • masterfchef

    One reality TV show contestant speaks out about what life is really like behind the cameras.

          It was only last month that Kelly Ramsay – a contestant on this year’s series of My Kitchen Rules – spoke out about how she felt manipulated by the show’s producers and had been hospitalised for physical exhaustion after the series. Then, only a few weeks later, Tully Smyth who appeared on the last season [read more]