• Bachelor 1

    When Blake was proposing to Sam, Louise already knew he loved her.

    They tried to keep it secret. They failed. Blake Garvey and his second-runner-up-now-girlfriend Louise Pillidge told the world everything about their forever love in an interview with The Project’s Carrie Bickmore tonight.   And because we know you’ve been waiting all day for this moment, we’ll just cut to the chase. On whether Bachelor Blake would tell [read more]

  • Em Rusicano

    Em Rusciano talks ‘Party Tricks’ and politics.

          Asher Keddie, Rodger Corser and Em Rusciano in one room sounds like a bit of a fantasy to me (in a strictly non-sexual sense. Well… maybe a little bit). And tonight, we get to see all three brilliant talents in one fist-pumping episode of Party Tricks. I spoke to Em Rusciano, mainly [read more]

  • xfactor

    And the winner of X Factor is…

    The voters have spoken. And after a big night of endless performances, we have our X factor winner for 2014. And it’s… Marlisa Punzalan! Looking back at the final three, it was a close call between the contestants. The 15-year-old Filipino contestant, Marlisa Punzalan was with mentor Ronan Keating; she originally auditioned with the Beatles [read more]

  • Chris

    The creators of The Block just got caught telling lies. Big lies.

      No one likes to be caught faking it, but The Block has just been sprung. For the sake of television, they FAKED a visit from the Environmental Protection Authority. Naughty, naughty Channel Nine. During the most recent season, drama hit the renovated roof when a 12,000 litre tank of fuel was discovered beneath the Block site when [read more]

  • bachelor blake louise

    Read the actual love letter that Blake sent to Louise (while possibly still with Sam).

        Quick, everyone pretend to look shocked. After weeks of speculation and tidbits of breaking news… after much talk about strippers, the Bachelorette and weird text messages… Blake Garvey and his third favourite girlfriend, Louise Pillidge have given an exclusive interview to Woman’s Day magazine, which was published today. Because love isn’t love until [read more]

  • Hamish Blake wingwoman

    Hamish and Andy finally respond to those breakfast radio rumours.

          There’s a juicy Hamish and Andy rumour swirling around in radio-land. Apparently, the comedy duo have been asked to leave their current slot on 2Day Fm, which is 3-4pm on weekdays. Their management at Southern Cross Austereo want them to move to the breakfast slot, and replace Sophie Monk, Merrick Watts and [read more]

  • Bec Judd no make up

    Bec Judd: ‘I’ve been really thin my entire life’.

      We imagine being naturally skinny and growing up with the surname ‘Twigley’ inspired some pretty harsh playground smack-talk. And Bec Judd (nee Twigley) has heard it all. ‘I’ve been really thin my entire life,’ Bec told The Daily Mail, in response to some of the awful Twitter comments she receives about her body. Bec in one of [read more]

  • Sam interview The Project

    ‘Winning’ Bachelorette Sam responds to the news that Blake and Louise are ‘official’

              Last week, ‘winning’ Bachelorette Sam sent messages asking Bachie Blake (her former fiance) and finalist Louise (her friend) to share their side of the growing rumours that they were together. And she got…*crickets*… Now Sam has her answer. And she got it via her Twitter feed on Friday when Woman’s [read more]

  • 1becc6d06644f78b_Facebook.xxxlarge

    Bachelor and ‘confirmed’ new love are ON THE RUN.

            Bachie Blake and his (almost confirmed) new girlfriend, Louise Pillidge, have had to flee a tropical island. Well…kind of. The pair were today escorted by police as they made their escape through Thailand airport to an unknown location (thought to be another Thai island). Because newfound fame. (And also because, DRAMA). No, they’re not auditioning for [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Big Brother eviction of Gemma was pointless and cruel

    A couple had sex in the Big Brother house. Or so we’ve been told.

            If the rumours are to be believed, two Big Brother contestants have finally bumped bits. A special source has coyly told The Daily Mail today that muscle-bound intruder Leo and bubbly blonde Skye have “gone all the way” in the Australian Big Brother house. If Big Brother’s answer to Barbie and [read more]

  • brad pitt jimmy fallon

    Drop everything and watch Brad Pitt (sort of) breakdance.

      He’s no stranger to the odd stunt or two, but this week Jimmy Fallon brought the moves to this dance-off. And so did Brad Pitt. The two had a pretty impressive breakdance-off (or at least their body doubles did) on this week’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And it all took place [read more]

  • blake garvey

    It’s official: Blake chose the wrong girl.

      The news we’ve been suspecting for weeks has finally been confirmed. Bachie Blake Garvey and ousted bachelorette Louise Pillidge are officially an item. This is not a drill, people. Repeat: This is not a drill. Woman’s Day has got an interview with the pair, and have posted a 15-second teaser video to their website. And what [read more]

  • Jude1

    Jude Law is having his fifth baby with his ex-girlfriend.

      ♫ Heeeey, Jude. Don’t make it bad. Take a sad song, and make it better. And remember… TO USE CONTRACEPTION IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KEEP GETTING EX-GIRLFRIENDS PREGNANT Then you can sta-art, to make it better. ♫ Jude Law is set to become a Dad for the fifth time, to his ex-girlfriend Catherine Harding. “I [read more]

  • Kate Ellis

    Congratulations Kate Ellis.

            Kate Ellis is expecting her first child. The Adelaide MP and her radio-host and columnist husband David Penberthy, are due to have a baby in April. Kate, 37, said that she hasn’t wanted to make a public fuss about her pregnancy, but it was bound to be revealed eventually. “It was going [read more]

  • BATG1

    The Beauty And The Geek kiss that caused a love triangle.

      SPOILER ALERT: We will discuss what happened on last night’s Beauty And The Geek. Graphically. YESSSSSSS. The Geeks scored some tongue action on Beauty And The Geek. And one of them even created a love triangle for himself. So damn cute. #BATG pic.twitter.com/440Ak9HTo3 — Beauty And The Geek (@BATGAust) October 16, 2014 Beauty And [read more]

  • blake garvey

    Meet the woman Bachelor Blake was dating before he had 30 simultaneous girlfriends.

      We are just as surprised as you that there is STILL Bachie news to report. But once again… there’s more. This time it’s news of Blake’s ex-girlfriend, Hope. 31-year-old Blake and 22-year-old Hope dated for two months last year. You know, back in the days when Blake was just a regular ol’ bachelor and [read more]

  • Grant-Denyer-Insider-900x50

    Dear Family Feud. The 1950s called, they want their survey back.

      By NINA FUNNELL Ah Family Feud. Exposing the inherent sexism in Australian attitudes since, like, forever. And this week, social media let fly after an episode aired, focusing on the question, ‘name a woman’s job’, with predictably sexist responses offered as the ‘correct’ answers. Yes, this happened.  It’s moments like these, that I seriously [read more]

  • Mr Big calls Carrie a whore

    Chris Noth AKA Mr Big calls Carrie Bradshaw a “whore”.

                That’s your WIFE you’re talking about, Chris Noth. Well, sort of. In an interview with news.com.au, Chris Noth, the actor who plays Mr Big from Sex And The City, called the character he played opposite for seven season and two movies, Carrie Bradshaw, “such a whore”. His tone was joking [read more]

  • feud6-fb

    Oh dear. Family Feud is in trouble over this “misogynistic” question.

          Popular game show Family Feud is under fire after asking a question that’s been branded as “misogynistic” on social media. During last night’s Channel Ten show, host Grant Denyer asked contestants to name jobs people think are “a woman’s job”. Correct answers included — wait for it — cooking, doing the dishes, washing clothes, [read more]

  • becj3

    Bec Judd shows off her cute Juddy family. So Judd.

                  Oh my Judd. This is pretty cute. Rebecca Judd (who we know from such classics as “All Those Pretty Brownlow Dresses” and “I’m A Postcards Host And Successful Businesswoman With A Hot AFL Husband”) has just posted a candid picture of her family on Instagram. There’s Chris Judd, looking [read more]

  • olivia newton john

    Olivia Newton-John adopts a rescued moon bear.

      She had been declawed and her canine teeth had all been cut back to gum level leaving them badly infected and smelling horribly. The infection was so pronounced that it had spread to the surrounding bone. Her head was covered in wounds from where she has repetitively banged it against the bars of the cage. [read more]

  • Kesha

    Kesha is suing her producer for sexual and physical assault.

        Popstar Kesha has filed a disturbing lawsuit against her music producer. The Tik Tok popstar is claiming that her producer Lukasz Gottwald (or ‘Dr. Luke’) has sexually, phsyically and verbally abused her over the decade that they have worked together. The lawsuit alleges that 27-year-old Kesha was even abused “to the point where [she] nearly lost her life”. Kesha’s [read more]

  • Iggy Azalea Snoop Digg fight

    Snoop Dogg is picking on Iggy Azalea.

        Snoop Dogg is being a Snoop DICK. The American rap artist is picking on our Aussie rap girl Iggy Azalea. Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Doggy Dog, or Snoop Lion, or whatever the Snoop he is called these days) posted a few pictures to his Instagram account, making fun of Iggy’s appearance. It started [read more]

  • MarkHolden

    The Mark Holden Dancing With The Stars act that led everyone to ask: “Was he drunk?”

          Picture an inappropriate, crude and possibly drunk Uncle at a rellie bash. And then put him on a dance-floor. And then dress him in a freakish clown costume. That was Mark Holden last night. Mark brought all of our nightmares to life on Dancing With The Stars. He dressed as a scary clown and [read more]

  • Karise Eden pregnant

    The music industry only knows how to do one thing with young women.

        By MIA FREEDMAN My daughter wants to be a singer when she grows up. She’s 8 years old and with increasing desperation, I’m trying to suggest possible alternatives. Artist. Writer. Entrepreneur. Anything. This is one bubble I’m quite keen to burst. Because when you’re interested in something as a kid, you start looking [read more]

  • CatLawson-jpg

    When you cheat on your girlfriend on national TV, you’re the bad guy.

          Here’s an ethical question for you. It’s not a hard one: If you cheat on your long-term girlfriend on national TV, you’re the bad guy, right? When you know the woman who trusts you is at home watching and you choose to snog some girl called Cat in a bathtub, you’re in [read more]

  • sabrina-the-voice-jpg

    The Voice star’s stalker: “This man doesn’t go away. He’ll never go away.”

    This post deals with details of stalking. Some readers may find it upsetting or triggering.  One of the biggest stars of this year’s The Voice is getting harassed, and not by adoring fans. Sabrina Batshon, who was a runner-up on Team Ricky, is taking out a restraining order against an ex-friend, who already has one against her. Last [read more]

  • Kyle and Jackie O's replacements revealed.

    Kyle corrects Jackie O for saying something offensive. Yes, you read that right.

        How the tables have turned. For once, it was Jackie O making controversial comments on the Kiis FM breakfast radio show, and not Kyle Sandilands. In an interview this week with The Block winners Shannon and Simon Vos, Jackie O mentioned a couple who were key bidders during the auction finale.   Chinese student [read more]

  • block-crying-shelley-dee-jpg

    The Block drama: Are couples really threatening to sue?

        The producers of The Block can relax. Dee isn’t going to sue them after all. A Current Affair last night reported “We can confirm she [Deanne Jolly] was considering threatening to sue the show for loss of income.” So, supposedly, she was maybe thinking about almost telling the producers that she might take action. OH [read more]

  • x factor reigan eliminated

    The X Factor elimination no one saw coming.

      Once again, reality TV is just messing with our hearts. X FACTOR. Reigan Derry didn’t make it to the grand final. Marlisa and Reigan. All the emotions. Shock. Horror. Oh, the humanity. WHY ARE WE SHOCKED? Because she had a phenomenal voice and a lot of support. WHY DIDN’T SHE MAKE IT? Because Australia [read more]