• Katie Big Brother

    Did the Big Brother creators go too far last night?

        Big Brother is flirting with being a Big Bully again. Evicted housemate Katie Schepis (who lasted 23 days in the Channel Nine house, and was the third housemate to be kicked out on Tuesday night) has said that she found parts of the experience to be “a bit mean”. 25-year-old Katie had to choose between [read more]

  • Bachelor Lisa house rental

    One of the top three girls has told a BIG FAT LIE.

        Scandal. One of the top three girls has told a BIG FAT LIE. (Well, the producers of the show did. Or Lisa’s family. Or Osher. Anyway, someone told a lie of such epic proportions it rivals, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Last week, ol’ Bachie Blake visited the childhood [read more]

  • liv tyler pregnant

    The Elf maiden is pregnant.

        Liv Tyler is pregnant with her second child. And. Fun fact! Her partner and soon-to-be baby daddy (sorry, couldn’t resist) is David Beckham’s best friend. The 37-year-old Armageddon actress had her rep confirm to UsWeekly yesterday, that she and her boyfriend Dave Gardner (who is a sports and entertainment manager in his time off from [read more]

  • Yvonne Strahovski interview

    Career Advice: Yvonne Strahovski, Aussie star.

          Be a sponge. That’s what Yvonne Strahovski recommends. The stunning Aussie actress is kicking all kinds of goals in Hollywood. She recently starred opposite Keifer Sutherland in 24: Live Another Day, and blew away audiences and critics, with some even hailing her as ‘the female Jack Bauer’. AND she got to play with a taser. Yvonne, [read more]

  • lisa-wilkinson

    Lisa Wilkinson raised eyebrows at the Dally M Awards. And not for the reason you’d think.

            Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson, who is married to former-Wallaby-turned-author Peter FitzSimons, sparked controversy at the Dally M awards last night. “Forget magazine editor. Forget Today Show host. I am a WAG,” she reportedly told reporters. “Why would you not want to own that? If you can bag yourself a footballer, [read more]

  • Bachelor Spoiler

    Bachelor finalist posts ring selfie. We all LOSE OUR MINDS.

    Everyone breathe. The Bachelor final is on this week, and things are getting crazy. And now, “the media” have come across a photo of finalist Louise wearing AN ENGAGEMENT RING. The world went into a spin. But. It was taken in 2013. Oh. Apparently, Louise took a selfie and posted it on her Facebook account in August 2013, [read more]

  • george and amal wedding people magazine

    First pictures of George and Amal’s actual wedding.

    This is it, guys. FINALLY. We have photos of the outfit worn by Amal Alamuddin in her wedding ceremony to George Clooney. Until now we’ve only seen photos of all the other spectacular designer outfits worn by Amal during the four-day wedding celebrations. But this is the actual wedding dress. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. [read more]

  • Pixie Curtis LA trip

    3-year-old Pixie Curtis is FABULOUS in LA.

        Pixie Curtis is doing LA, dahling. At the ripe old age of 3. While most 3-year-olds are concerned with trivial matters like tying shoelaces and mastering the actions to Incy Wincy Spider, Pixie is sipping mocktails and strolling Rodeo Drive (literally… she’s in a stroller). If you are wondering who this fancy toddler [read more]

  • Nicole Kidman speaks about father

    Nicole: “We are all heartbroken.”

      Nicole Kidman has broken her silence following her father’s death earlier this month. The actress took to Facebook this morning to express her (and husband Keith Urban’s) gratitude for the support received from fans.   Nicole’s father, Dr Antony Kidman, died of a suspected heart attack when visiting daughter Antonia in Singapore on September [read more]

  • jodi and braithe

    Dally M Awards RED CARPET 2014.

    EVERYONE STOP. The Dally Ms are on tonight, and there are dresses to behold. If you just said “huh?”, then you should know that the Dally Ms are the Rugby League equivalent of the AFL Brownlow Awards. Basically, there are medals, there are kudos to the most valuable players, but most importantly: There are dresses. Pretty, [read more]

  • Ben Fordham quits

    Ben Fordham’s ‘Today’ show replacement announced.

    Ben Fordham’s Today show replacement was announced on Twitter today. While we are sad to see Ben go, it looks like his shoes will be well-filled. By fellow Today show presenter Tim Gilbert. Welcome @TimgGilbert! We’re delighted to announce that Tim Gilbert will be our next Sport Host! #Today9 pic.twitter.com/N4HX5Q2jU1 — The Today Show (@TheTodayShow) September 28, [read more]

  • Shane Warne Emily Scott breakup

    Shane Warne is single, ladies.

        ATTENTION EVERYONE: Shane Warne is single again. And he wants us all to know. The fast-bowler-turned-Ken-Doll and English Playboy model Emily Scott, 30, have split after four months together. So Warney has talked to Doctor Twitter about it:     A newly-divorced Shane met Emily in 2006, and it sounded like love at first [read more]

  • Simpsons kills character

    The creators of The Simpsons are killing off a “great character”.

    Warning, Simpsons fans. You may find this majorly disappointing. Also, ALERT. OBVIOUSLY THERE IS A SPOILER BELOW. 26 seasons. That’s a loooong time. And when you get to 549 episodes, you know how to work your audience. Executive producer Al Jean sparked some interest by stating that a “great character” was going to be killed [read more]

  • Sophie Monk foot

    The mysterious illness that’s trapped Sophie Monk in Dubai.

          Sophie Monk is having some serious dramas in Dubai. The 2 Day FM radio host has had to prolong her stay because her ankle has swollen up “like an elephant”. Her co-hosts Jules Lund and Merrick Watts called her on air expecting to laugh at her situation, but it took a sad [read more]

  • Rob Mills

    Right about now, Rob Mills is REALLY wishing he hadn’t posted this picture.

            Actor and former Australian Idol contestant Rob Mills has apologised after posting what is being described as an ‘indecent picture’ on social media.  The singer and star of Grease The Musical took to social networks Twitter and Instagram to share his excitement after the Hawks’ Grand Final win yesterday afternoon. He shared an [read more]

  • fat girl suit

    She put on a fat suit – and went on a bunch of Tinder dates.

      Men have one big fear when it comes to online dating. And no, they’re not worried about their safety or their privacy. They’re worried that the woman they meet up with might be fatter than originally expected. Youtube channel Simple Pickup decided to find out just how shallow men can be when it comes [read more]

  • Britney2

    Britney Spears has a brand new haircut.

      Britney Spears has cut all of her hairs. BUT IT’S OKAY. There was no crazy shaving-of-the-head this time. She has gone from this:   Perfume Britney. To this: Bob Britney. There’s a WHOLE VIDEO dedicated to her new shiny bob:   Let’s all take a moment to honour this incident: Crazy Britney. And she was [read more]

  • Jessica Simpson kids

    Jessica Simpson’s kids can fly.

              Does anyone have a spare bungy cord? A parachute, perhaps? Because Jessica Simpson’s kids may need them. The popstar’s husband Eric Johnson, a retired NFL tight end (that sounds kind of sexual, but it’s just a US football position thing. It just means he was an American footy player, but [read more]

  • Kim Kardashian attacked

    Kim Kardashian attacked at Paris Fashion Week.

    Kim Kardashian is getting a little too much love. At a Paris Fashion Week event, she was accosted by serial pest Vitalii Sediuk as she, Kanye, and mum Kris Jenner stepped out of their car. Vitalii is some Ukranian dude who was once a journalist and is trying to get fame as a model. How? [read more]

  • Kasey Chambers Bittersweet album

    Kasey Chambers’ new video clip is stunning.

          There is something just so haunting about this new Bittersweet video clip. Two kids, singing in the smooth tones of Kasey Chambers and Bernard Fanning, keep eye contact for a very long time. That’s the first impressive thing. Secondly, people just fade in and out of the background as if by magic. They are [read more]

  • Article Lead - wide6147790710h7n2image.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.10lonn.png1411608621295.jpg-620x349

    Are rape jokes EVER okay? Well, turns out The Simpsons and Family Guy creators think so.

      Are rape jokes ever okay? Turns out The Simpsons and Family Guy creators think so. Fox Network is refusing to comment on a rape joke that is set to appear in the crossover episode of The Simpsons and Family Guy that’s airing this Sunday in the US. It’s supposed to be funny, yet not many people laughing. Take a [read more]

  • porn 3

    Porn sex vs real sex. Explained with… fruit.

                Porn sex vs normal-people sex. There is a difference between the two. In fact, there are many, MANY differences – all based on the fact that porn sex is set in an alternative universe. A fantasy world where the sex is always amazing, the men are always well-endowed, and [read more]

  • Lara Bingle pregnant

    Lara Bingle deletes all photos of Sam Worthington on Instagram; Sam deletes his entire account.

      Bingle is baffling us. Last night, Lara seemingly deleted all the photos of her and boyfriend Sam Worthington from her Instagram account. BUT WHY? And now, all of a sudden, Sam has deleted his ENTIRE Instagram account. Guys, what is happening? Lara’s 409,000 Instagram followers noticed this morning that all images of her and [read more]

  • Kate Ritchie baby photo

    First photo of Kate Ritchie’s baby girl.

    Awwww. Kate Ritchie has shared a picture of her little one-month-old baby, Mae. The former Home and Away star (let’s face it, she pretty much OWNED Summer Bay for 20 years) posed on the cover of Who magazine with former rugby-league player husband Stuart Webb and their brand new baby girl.     Baby Mae was born on [read more]

  • Bear Grylls proposal

    The British celebrity who proposed to his girlfriend with his butt cheeks.

        Bear Grylls used his bum to propose to his wife. Ahhh, romance. This story is cl-ASS-y. Should we be surprised, though? This guy drinks his own urine. Wilderness survival dude Bear (whose real name is Edward Michael, but that’s not nearly as grizzly) earns his bucks by teaching us how to stay alive [read more]

  • gemma-headshot-holding-jpg

    What happened on Big Brother last night was soul-smashingly cruel.

            By AMY STOCKWELL Did you ever get picked last for a team at school? Do you remember standing in front of the class as one-by-one, your peers are chosen to cross over and stand behind the team captains? Were you ever the loser in that high school game of popularity? If you have [read more]

  • Osher interview

    Mamamia interviews Osher (and asks about his hair).

          Osher. Oshy. Osh Kosh B’Gosh. What a legend. The Bachelor 2014 is only a couple of roses away from wrapping up. If you haven’t read Rosie’s recaps, then you haven’t lived. Just ask Osher. We put some questions to our favourite host-with-the-most (hair dye). We grilled him. Gave him a bit of [read more]

  • wedding suit

    Two celebrities had 4 wedding ceremonies. And one of them was illegal.

            James Blunt has said ‘Goodbye My Lover‘ but ‘hello my wife’ in no less than THREE secret ceremonies this month. But one of the ceremonies was a little bit naughty. British singer James, 40, and long-term girlfriend Sofia Wellesley, 29, supposedly tied the knot in a London registry office. And THEN they [read more]

  • Beyonce-Jayz-Wedding

    Is this the most glamorous home video ever?

              When the world says you’re getting a divorce and you’re not, what is there to do but show everyone you’re a rock-solid couple with a long history? Nothing. That’s what. Beyonce and Jay Z were once such a private couple that they wouldn’t even confirm their 2008 wedding. Now, they tour together, [read more]

  • Miss Universe Australia national costume

    So these are the finalists for our national costume…

    Australia’s national costume. “We have a national costume?”, you ask. Sort of. It’s not like Lederhosen are to Germany. It’s not like those furry hats are to Russia. It’s not thongs, stubbies, Bintang singlets, or anything else you see on Australia Day. It’s the costume representing Australia in the Miss Universe pageant. Sunrise has run a competition.The Miss [read more]