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Ariel Winter

1. Who gets custody of Ariel Winter?A US court has ruled that 14-year-old Modern Family star Ariel Winter’s mum will not regain custody of her daughter for the time being.

The judge based his ruling on a report from child protection investigators, which found evidence of emotional abuse by Ariel’s mother, Crystal Workman, against her daughter. Claims of physical abuse were inconclusive. The judge ruled that Ariel should stay in the custody of her older sister until a December 12 court hearing.

Ariel was removed from her mother’s care earlier this month amid allegations of emotional and physical abuse. And that her mother may have been starving her.

2. Cameron Diaz might want to think twice before she speaks for every woman.

3. Frockwatch: Would you wear it? Miss Universe Australia’s national costume has just been revealed. Renae Ayris will wear this Jessica Bregenho creation at next month’s international Miss Universe competition. Apparently the gown is a tribute to the Sydney Opera House, the cockatoo and Australia’s harbour lifestyle. Well…. yes.

Aboriginal Sunset Inspired via Facebook

4. Daniel Craig appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show – and really he was quite funny.  Although Kirsten Stewart may not agree.

5. Forget the stereotype that every woman dreams of a big extravagant wedding. If these reports are to be believed, it’s men who are actually fantasising about the perfect fairytale.

Research has found that while nine per cent of women would would be willing to spend their savings on a big, white wedding, 16 per cent of men are willing to spend it all for the perfect day.

Yep, it’s every little boy’s dream…

gal kiss1 Modern Family abuse scandal: The courts have ruled...

The research suggested women were more concerned about saving their money – and going low key on the festivities – and using it for a deposit on a house. The little bridesmaid on the far left

6. Strange to think that Isla Fisher’s most embarrassing moment is fashion related – but it is. 

7. Celebrity trend: Red Lace Frocks. If there was ever a celebrity trend that caught our attention for all the right reasons, the red lace dress is it. The delicate fabric doesn’t always equal sweet and girlie – in fiery red, a lace frock takes on a distinctly grown-up quality. This is how they’re wearing it on the red carpet:

Kelly Rutherford wears a red lace cocktail dress

Love it? Sure, a Valentino gown would be great, but you don’t have to fork out a house deposit to shop this celebrity style, we found you one for under $200. And it’s got festive season written all over it *No red carpet, break-your-ankle-shoes or Hollywood husband required.

8. If you have ever wanted to look through Kate Middleton’s holiday photos – here is your chance.

9. January Jones has had a huge colour change. If you can’t even imagine her without blonde hair you need to see this.

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