Don’t you love it when someone announces that there is a shoe/model/hemline/colour of the year? Like there can be only one. For all of us.

But when the fashion industry DOES agree that something is significant enough to be called “the” thing of the year, it’s always interesting to check it out.

The haircut of 2013 has arrived, you guys.

And it doesn’t belong to US First Lady Michelle Obama or even Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

It’s called the ‘Karlie’ or ‘Chop’ after model Karlie Kloss (who you might remember from this alarming Mamamia post yesterday), who has cut seven inches off her long hair for a shoot in US Vogue.

karliekloss 640x425 Is this the haircut of 2013?

Kloss modestly awarded the choppy fringed bob her namesake at a Victoria’s Secret show: “It’s…it’s…‘the Karlie.’ It’s the Karlie! [Laughs] I want women to someday go in to the hair salon and say, ‘I want the Karlie.’”

Is anyone else feeling slightly underwhelmed?

This is remarkably similar to the hair I sported in the fifth grade. I mean, I think it looks great, she definitely looks very nice but isn’t it kind of… flat? And it’s very similar to the ‘it’ hairstyle of 2011, “The Alexa”.

Fringe aside – it’s a look that will suit some people (particularly those with fine hair and an oval face shape), but the picture above makes me want to take a handful of mousse and tszuj it up a bit. Maybe I should be excited the air-dried look is in: who has time to blow-dry?

If the ‘Karlie’ hasn’t done it for and you’re looking for further inspiration this year, we’ve rounded up the 2013 hair trends below:

Bobs: Karlie Kloss

Any big plans for your hair this year?

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