1. Stop the Western World. We want to get off. Because in our world, Victoria’s Secret models are held up as the epitome of female glamour. The look and body shape that every woman is supposed to aspire to. But if we’re supposed to aim to look like this, then there’s something seriously wrong:


victorias secret Fluff: Stop the world. We want to get off.

Candice Swanepoel posted this picture of her stomach on Instagram


Yep, that’s the stomach of a Victoria’s Secret model. The CONCAVE stomach of Candice Swanepoel, who posted this picture on her Instagram to show everyone how hard she’s been working out before the Victoria’s Secret fashion show next Wednesday.


victorias secret1 Fluff: Stop the world. We want to get off.

Candice (middle) with other Victoria’s Secret models


Feeling bad about yourself now because your stomach doesn’t look like that? Please don’t – because NOBODY’S STOMACH LOOKS LIKE THAT. Unless they are a lingerie model who may or may not have eaten solid food in days, because they are planning to strut down a catwalk next week wearing a few scraps of fabric over their genitals along with a giant pair of angel wings .

And remember this. Regardless of how flat/concave their stomachs are – the models will still get airbrushed when they appear in print. Check out our gallery of Victoria’s Secret Angels before and after Photoshop, as well as other celebrities who have been Photoshopped:

Alessandra Ambrosio, Crystal Renn and Brooklyn Decker.



ben big brother 380x213 Fluff: Stop the world. We want to get off.

Big Brother winner Ben. Obviously very excited about his win.

2. Last night was a reality television producer’s dream, when a romantic proposal played out live during the Big Brother finale.

BB housemate Benjamin Norris proposed to his boyfriend after it was announced that he had won the reality show.

Ben – who was one of 16 housemates on the show – won $250,000 and shocked audiences when, after leaving the house, got down on one knee to ask his partner to marry him. Watch this video of the proposal. It’s surprisingly moving……

“This was a diamond that my great grandfather bought for my great grandmother and it was worn by my parents on their wedding day so it’s something that is a part of my family,” Norris said.

“Since I’ve met Ben all I have wanted is for him to be a part of my family. And no-one is going to tell us that sitting on the couch together at the end of the day pretending that we’re married that we’re not married.”


3. Melissa George – former Home and Away actress and star of The Slap – has a new boyfriend, French millionaire Jean-David Blanc. The Aussie actress, who previously dated business magnate Russell Simmons, dismissed talk of marriage but was adamant children would be in her future. Speaking to news.com.au, she stated:

melissa 380x570 Fluff: Stop the world. We want to get off.

Melissa with her French millionaire boyfriend

“I would love my own kids,” she said. “That stuff is obvious.

“I am going to be a mother, absolutely obvious no matter how, when, what. I really am picking the right father for my child.

“It’s very simple.”



4. We had a very exciting day at Mamamia HQ watching the US election yesterday. Which makes us a lot like these celebrities who were also keeping a very close eye on the proceedings. Check out their election tweets below:

Hamish Blake meets Fifi's daughter, Trizie Box. Look at those blue eyes!

Can’t get enough of the election? Completely besotted with Obama? Go here to see him and his family in pics. You can also go here to find out more about the election coverage (hint: there are theories that US news anchor Diane Sawyer was drunk when doing the news broadcast).


In other fluff news: 

- Months after her death, Whitney Houston’s new song has debuted. You can read more about it – and listen to it – here.

- Kristen Stewart has FINALLY talked about her relationship with Robert Pattinson – find out what she said here.

- Megan Fox kept the birth of her baby seriously under wraps – we didn’t find out about it until weeks after it actually happened. Here’s how she managed to keep the secret.

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