The Dr. Seuss of Pot.

That’s what the reviewers are calling this little piece of fiction for kids.

It’s a book about marijuana and it’s called It’s Just a Plant. It’s also written and illustrated by Ricardo Cortes, the same man who illustrated Go The Fuck To Sleep.

Remember that little gem?

This one is a little different – it’s the story of a girl, Jackie, who wakes up one night and “smells something funny in the air,” only to discover her parents smoking pot in the living room.

What happens next is a educational adventure where Jackie and her parents talk to a doctor, a farmer and a police officer and learn about marijuana.

Here are a few snippets of the book:

3 DAILY WOW: Marijuana for kids.

81 DAILY WOW: Marijuana for kids.

13 DAILY WOW: Marijuana for kids.

The reviews of the book? Well, they’re mixed. Some have called it ‘an outrage’, other have labelled it ‘a glimpse of what enlightened drug education could be.’ This from The Guardian:

Many politicians and columnists have criticised Cortés’s sympathetic look at cannabis, claiming that he was encouraging children down an evil road of drug abuse. But perhaps it will have the opposite effect. Although you may agree with much of Cortés’s message, anything so self-consciously liberal is usually more than a little cringey. If there’s one thing that might put children off drugs it’s reading about these groovy parents taking them.


What do you think? Could the book be a good tool for drug prevention? Or will it encourage drug use? Would you read it to your kids?

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