Ever wondered where Miranda Kerr got her model looks from?

Have a look at this pic from Miranda Kerr’s May photo shoot with the Australian Women’s Weekly – which she shot with her mum Therese and grandmother Ann. (Ann is Miranda’s father’s mother)

Miranda Kerr as Cicciolina for V Magazine

In an interview running alongside the shots, the women talked about why family was so important to them. “Mum and Nan are two of the strongest women I know and they are a great source of strength in my life,” Miranda said.

Miranda’s mother was just 17 when she lost her mother and her grandmother Ann was only 34 when she lost her mum – Miranda said her mum and grandmother‘s experiences made her realise how lucky she was to still have her mum.

“I am so very close to my mum, ” Miranda said. “I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I think you can only ever fully appreciate how devastating losing your mum would be when you actually go through that experience yourself.”


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