This just in: Rihanna has been named GQ Magazine’s ‘Obsession of the Year.’ A noble – if not slightly objectifying – title, steeped in rich tradition and a proud history.

Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch. But the gong’s been awarded since 2005 and previous award winners include Scarlett Johannson and Megan Fox, so clearly this is a real award for seriously sexy women.

However, in her cover for this month’s GQ, we noticed something interesting.

Rihanna forgot to wear her pants. She isn’t nude. No, no. She’s wearing a jacket.

And she’s not bottomless in an Anne Hathaway kind of way. The photographer on the high end shoot didn’t stick a camera up her skirt as Rihanna was awkwardly exiting a limousine. No, no: Rihanna actually did not wear anything on her bottom half.

Here’s something worth writing down on the nearest napkin: Bottomless is the new topless. Oh yes, bottomlessness (YOU try spelling that out loud) is the new frontier in fashion photography. Toplessness? So last decade. And the decade before that. And the one before that. But, bottomlessness? Well, it takes going commando to a whole other level.

But it’s not just Rihanna. It looks like bottomlessness magazine spreads are becoming a trend.

Proof of said trend:

Rihanna on the cover of GQ Magazine

Been without your pants since you were, you know…..2?


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