polls tyra gains weight.jpg 5756 304715.jpeg poll xlarge 16 women redefining what ‘beautiful’ means in Hollywood.

Tyra Banks


Damn, we love Tyra Banks.

Sure, she can be a bit shouty, and the whole ‘Tyra-mail’ component of America’s Next Top Model (Tyra mail is simply a letter to the contestants…. It’s just like regular mail but from Tyra) borders on the narcissistic but when it comes to women and their beautiful bodies, Tyra just gets it.

Tyra, who started her career as a Sports Illustrated model after she was declared to have ‘too much booty’ to walk the high fashion runways, has told South Africa’s Cosmopolitan Magazine this month that: “Loving yourself is paramount, no matter what shape, size or colour you are. I call it being flawsome. You + your flaws + awesome = flawsome.”

Tyra is a rare example of a  woman who isn’t going to change for any casting director. Even in an industry that thinks women who are any bigger than a toothpick should never be in front of a camera. Because, OH THE HORROR.

But if Tyra’s phenomenal success is anything to go by, change be a-comin’ y’all (and it be coming FIERCELY).

Here are 16 women who – like Tyra – are showing Hollywood producers that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours and that beauty is not a homogenous commodity.


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