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When Donald met Angela: A story captured by the most awkward video of 2017.

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Premier Jay Weatherill just "dad toned"...

The first official meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump was never going to be full of balloons, party pies and karaoke.

Merkel, prominent for her pro-immigration stance and condemnations of Trump’s anti-immigration policies, visited the White House on Friday. The meeting was as awkward as only this kind of meeting could be, when you’re forced to come face-to-face with someone you’ve publicly blasted, all the while smiling in front of prying eyes and intrusive photographers.

The dream.

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Alas, Trump wasn’t full of civilities on this occasion, as captured on camera refusing to shake Merkel’s hand despite requests from photographers to do exactly that.

It’s the kind of footage that makes you involuntarily pull this kind of face.

See it for yourself:

Some have tried to analyse it, more have done their best to draw meaning from the exchange.

Meanwhile, I’m still playing it over and over, every time watching it through my fingers.

What do you think of Trump refusing to shake Merkel’s hand?

What do you think?


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