This is the dog that someone just bought for $2million.



Rich people are officially way better at spending their money than you.

Somebody in China just bought a Tibetan Mastiff at a ‘luxary pet fair’ for TWO. MILLION. BUCKS.

Apparently, the breed has become a symbol of luxury in China, which currently has its highest number of millionaires in history. It’s an odd choice though, since experts say that not only do Tibetan Mastiffs have a very short lifespan, they are also prone to hostility. So… worth it?

Here’s a pic of one:

tibetan-mastiffDefinitely worth it.

The dogs are often admired for their similarities to lions, and the breeder who sold this specific dog claimed that his animals actually have “lion’s blood”.

Almost certainly not true. But then, if we live in a world where someone spends two million dollars on a dog, the realm of believability has officially been stretched.

Charity shmarity, hey?

So what do you think about these furry little guys?





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