Does sex ed just make kids want to have sex?




Do you blame your sex education class for the teenage rebellion and degrading life of obscene promiscuity that followed?

No? You sure?

This Sunday, American doctor Miriam Grossman will speak at a Melbourne public school – and she will tell you, that you should.

The Australian Family Association is sponsoring Grossman, who describes herself as “100 per cent MD, 0 per cent PC” to give a free talk about how we’re endangering the lives of our kids through sex education.

In a 2007 speech, Grossman said “Now we should be alarmed but we should not be surprised when there’s so much hooking-up and so much casual sex and then so many casualties from all these behaviours, because kids have been led to believe, by mainstream health organisations, that this is okay.”

ABC’s PM covered the story last night.

JOURNALIST: Among her views, Dr Grossman believes condoms don’t protect against the spread of sexually transmitted infections and HIV. 

She says evidence that oral sex causes throat and mouth cancer is being withheld from teenagers and that girls need to be taught to have children early and often, as a way to ward off breast cancer.

Vice-president Terri Kelleher says the Association wants a rethink of sex education in schools.

TERRI KELLEHER: Talking about the sexuality programs for all young people and the main messages she sees as being damaging; The way in which condoms are presented as protecting you from sexually transmitted diseases and infection – you know, there’s a false sense of security; that’s her point…

JOURNALIST: Victoria’s Health Services Commissioner Beth Wilson is concerned about the talk being held in a state school. She says Dr Grossman’s views are political more than they are scientific.

BETH WILSON: I get very concerned with people who have medical degrees saying that their political beliefs are in fact based on scientific evidence when they quite clearly are not. And I think it is unfortunate that it is associated with the school.

Do you think sex education needs an overhaul? Is it appropriate for a public school to be playing host to such a controversial speaker? What are your memories of sex education at school?

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