75% of women refuse to date this man.





When it comes to embarking on a new relationship, sometimes you’re prepared to overlook certain things.

He can’t dance? No worries. He doesn’t know who Penny Wong is? OK. He wears Crocs? Maybe.

Every woman has different dating/relationship deal breakers. What doesn’t matter to you (they’re just shoes), can be the end of the world to someone else (BUT THEY’RE CROCS!!!!!).

It seems though, that there is one thing most women agree on.


Would you date a man who was unemployed?

If you answered yes, go forth and good luck to you (just make sure you’re cashed up enough to pay for dinner and a cab).

If you answered no – you’re more typical. New research has found that the vast majority of women won’t date a man who doesn’t have a job.


That’s right, if he don’t have a job, chances are he’ll be single too.

The Huffington Post reports:

A whopping 75% of women would be “unlikely” to date a man who doesn’t have a job — partly out of fear there will be a financial obligation if they date someone who is out of work, but also because they believe it will limit activities they can do in life.

Another 42% of women answered “Maybe” to whether they’d date an unemployed man, with the stipulation that “I wouldn’t want to throw a lot of time into it unless they had a game plan for getting back on track.”

Worse, 33 percent said flat out “No” when asked if they would date a jobless guy.

Right, so that means he’ll be splitting his time between seek.com and RSVP. That’s intense.

Before you assume this is about money, hold fire. Survey respondents said that their aversion to a man without a job wasn’t about his income. Rather, it’s about doing something and having a daily activity – these women didn’t want to date a man who had nothing to do with his time.

The creators of the survey said that “women’s old-fashioned beliefs about sex roles come into play more obviously in the dating world. Women expect the man they date to be able to take care of them, to pay for dinner and to treat them ‘like a lady'” (we’re not sure if that’s insulting rubbish or secretly true. No doubt you have an opinion which we’d love to hear).

Interestingly, when men were asked the same question – two thirds said they were open to dating an unemployed girl.

What’s your deal breaker when it comes to dating? Would you date a person who was unemployed? Do you think women are less inclined to date unemployed men because old-fashioned stereotypes say that men should be the breadwinner?

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