Father of five girls’ extreme reaction to the birth of first son has given us all the feels.

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You might have unintentionally given your...

A father of five girls has been asked to “calm down” and “take a seat” after his hilarious reaction to the birth of his son.

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“WAHOOOOO baby! It’s a boy,” Kennedy Zarour of New Jersey in the US is yelling to his wife through the hospital curtain.

He is beside himself. He sits down, stands up. Puts his head in his hands. Paces back and forth.

“This is the first one after five girls, oh my God,” he continues.

According to TodayZarour’s wife Natalie gave birth by cesarean on March 8.

“I was just waiting for them to tell me it was a girl,” the 53-year-old father told Today. “I adore all my kids, and I would’ve been very happy with a girl.”

“They told me it was a boy and I guess my reaction was a little insane.”

Mum martyr syndrome. Post continues…

He could not stop screaming.

“Stop scaring him,” the doctor quietly says.

Zarour does. not. care. “I got a boyyyyy!!!!!” he screams to anyone (the whole hospital) listening.

It’s reported they’ve named the much-loved little boy Gerard.

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