Courtney Love is totally sober.

The Oscars were so mind-numbingly BORING last night I spent most of my time watching the E red carpet on Foxtel. I should have skipped that too and just read Courtney Love’s Oscars blog.
It’s good that she’s sober and surgery-free and getting it together. Lucid too. Now if she can just spellcheck a little, she’ll be ready to resume her position as Role Model to the young women of the world!

Click below to read, verbatim, what she posted on her myspace blog….take some deep breaths first. And if you can work out what the hell she’s on about? Please share with the group coz I don’t have a damn clue…..

swank looked great, i bet that was Versace, she looke
dgirly for the fiorst time in forever- im sad for PTA i love teh Coens
but PTA well tehy shouldve let him release all 6 hours of There Will Be
Blood cos thats what i bet there is of it, Kidman as anyone knows and
me are not bffs by any stretch, and i though te edgy thing was cool but
for some reason not onher- and her forehead is way too shiny it flips
me out- iwas REALLY isnpired Diablo Cody won – that was fucking AWESOME
in fact i think i just may have peed all over her My Space- i was
supposed to be at Eltons Party at i think noon or something and if we
dont hiurry it will suck- i really dont want to get there ina crush of
shit and stuff- wait my pr is outside im calling her hold on- okay i
hope the disaster has been averted but m,y expirience with that party
is that i do NOT want to see Paris dancing ona table i really really
DONT and i dont want to stuff a stale slamon canape in my mouth and i
really need to get laid so i m off to do so. i love dthat tattoo on her
( Dibalo) and her cute thigh and the wietzman shoes were actually
pretty unnatractuve really,. neat, i like the minnesota thing too, i
wont be getting a bl;ack bob although i think abou tit contstantly ,
but it was inspiring rarely does anyone win when theyre an “outisder”
particul;alrly chicks who talk about sex working- desp[ite the fact
that EVERYONE i know in this town who wasnt upper middle class or didnt
come from a hollywood
family DID IT and even then i know of some exceptions. so i was really
proud a little Nirvana moment if you will. “we won” my friend Daphne
Guiness is here and i cant wait to see her. okay signiong off ,. im
moving bu June really why? cos between a blood red Fortuny and a pink
Fortuny id get all sorts of crazy shit by people who dont even know
whata Fortuny is ! borrrring, ill be back but for now im so over L:A


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