• Abbie Allen

    Abbie Allen founded Lifestyle Elements, a personal concierge service, at the age of 23, when she saw the real need for a practical service to support our busy lives. 8 years on Abbie and her team undertake anything from errand running and grocery shopping, to tracking down hard to find homewares and arranging the repair of a barometer. Abbie writes regularly on her blog and also delivers speeches and workshops in the areas of Work Life Balance, Time Management and Women in Business. Abbie’s husband Tim also works in the business, and they live in Adelaide, South Australia with their 1 year old daughter Harper.

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  • Abby Norman

    Abby Norman

  • Acacia Stichter

    Acacia is a celebrity tragic and a blogger. You can follow her tweets here

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  • Adam Richard

    The Fabulous Adam Richard is a stand-up comedian and radio presenter. He can be heard presenting celebrity gossip on the breakfast shows at Melbourne’s Fox FM, Perth’s 92.9 and Hobart’s Sea FM. He is also a regular guest on Network Ten’s Can of Worms. His “Poofcast” can be found at

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  • Adriana Zanchetta

    Adriana Zanchetta

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  • Aimee Marks

    Aimee Marks is the Founder of TOM Organic certified feminine hygiene products; At 18, Aimee was frustrated with the lack of choice in her supermarket shelf; when designing tampon packaging that stops tampons from falling about in our handbag Aimee became aware of the long list of ingredients on the back of conventional tampon packs including; polypropylene (plastic); viscose rayon (synthetics) and conventional cotton, which is the worlds most heavily sprayed crop. TOM is the first Aussie organic fem hygiene brand to be ranged by Woolworth’s nationally; giving women a choice every ‘Time Of Month’.