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CULT BUY: The $54.99 backpack that’s a clone of the exxy ones.

The most exciting show at Australian Fashion Week almost didn't happen.

The most exciting show at Australian...

When I wandered into Collette Hayman this month, I didn’t expect to leave with a backpack.

“Backpacks are not for me,” I insisted like a total backpack snob at a work meeting the week before. “All the nice ones are far too pricey for my budget. Also, they’re kind of… young?”

Oh, past Michelle. You idiot.

The Lucy Backpack from Collette isn’t only affordable and tassel-irific, it also looks like something from an exxy designer store.

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Is that a hint of disbelief on your face?

Let me show you.

The below tassel backpacks are from LE PARMENTIER (left) and Rebecca Minkoff (right). They’ll set you back $294 and $499 respectively.

But the Collette version?

Just hand over $54.99 clams, you fiscally conservative backpack convert, you!

Oh, and they come in the best colours: black, navy, and a sherbet-y orange so bright it'll cure all your worries and maybe make you pancakes for breakfast. (It totally won't make you pancakes for breakfast, but still, you guys. Still.)

Mmmmmm. Tassels.

As soon as I (skipped! high jumped! karate chopped!) into the Mamamia office with it on my back this week, the chatter began. And it sounded a lot like this:


It wasn't long before this started happening with our news producer Zara...

Awkward but also amazing, you know?!

Sure, my boyfriend says I look like "an enthusiastic school girl" with it on, but there's nothing more comfy, convenient, deliciously roomy, or orthopedically sound than a cool backpack now is there?

There is not.

You seriously need this backpack in your life, you guys. If not for the tassel magic, then for your bank balance and spinal cord.

Thank me later.

You can buy the Lucy Backpack from Collette Hayman, here.

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