Celeb news: Simon Cowell admits ‘genuine love’ for Dannii Minogue.

In an explosive new book, Simon Cowell has admitted he was in love with Dannii Minogue for years.

In the book, written by BBC journalist Tom Bower and titled ‘The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell’, Cowell is quoted as saying: “I had a crush on her. It was Dannii’s hair, the sexy clothes and the t**s. I was like a schoolboy. She was foxy. She was a real man’s girl. Very feminine. It was genuine love.”

It’s these quotes that have everyone speculating about an affair between the two. The affair is alleged to have happened in 2007, before Dannii met Kris Smith (whom she recently split from), while Simon and Dannii were co-hosts on British X Factor.

Cowell is even rumoured to have remodelled the panel X Factor so he could be closer to Minogue.

Despite all the gossip and innuendo, there’s no evidence to suggest the two did have an affair.


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