This amazing family have transformed their home into classic movie scenes.


Sydney parents Leon Mackie and Lilly Lang are living proof that fun can still be had with a cardboard box.

Mackie and Lang, together with their two children, Orson, 4 and Elliot, (under 1), regularly transform their home into replica sets from famous films.

Using only household items and cardboard for materials, the “Cardboard Box Office” family breathe new life into old classics.

The family began creating the sets after they found themselves with a lot of free time, empty cardboard boxes and a recently moved in to home.


Mackie told the Sydney Morning Heraldin 2014, their first creation, titled, The Life Domestic, was a humourous take on the Wes Anderson film, The Life Aquatic. 

Since then, the family have busted ghosts, battled with Batman, wrangled free from Jaws, blown it out of the water with Napoleon Dynamite and sat atop the Iron Throne.

The family were said to divide the work between themselves with Lang focusing on costumes, Mackie on sets and Orson and Elliot on looking cute.

Each set gives the impression it’s been crafted with time, patience and some serious attention to detail. Trees are made with towels, oceans with sheets and office buildings with carefully cut-out windows.

Mackie and Lang take suggestions for their next creations from fans using the contact form on their website.

Lang told the paper there was no foreseeable end to their project and their continued production, three years later, only proves this promise.

I know what i’ll be doing with my weekend and pet frog: Mad Max: Fury Toad.

Ready to build your own cardboard movie star family? Learn how to avoid becoming a pregasaurus with our podcast below. 

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