WATCH: the breast cancer ad for men to watch. One-handed.


OMG! OMG! OMG! Check this ad out! It’s full of BOOBS! Sorry, breasts.

I know I should use the proper word because it’s about cancer and everything, but really and truly, this ad is wall-to-wall TITS, NORKS, BAJOOMBAS, KEGS, JUGS.

Can you believe it? These ladies have got the girls out, but it’s ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE! Yes, it’s aimed at men, to encourage them to let their womenfolk know how important it is to get regular breast checks.

That means anyone who gets uptight about this ad, with all those jiggly, voluptuous RACKS is basically saying they don’t care about women’s health!

There are no flappy old woman boobies, but there IS a shot of a baby breast-feeding. The feminists should love it. One woman is even EATING PIZZA, even though she might get fat, because that’s her right. Who knows, maybe she doesn’t want a boyfriend?

This is an ad people will SEE. The lads will watch it over and over again. And maybe they’ll show their girlfriends who have boobs that might catch cancer. In this brave new digital world, advertising needs to be shared to be effective! And nothing says ‘RETWEET’ as loudly as breasts being fondled during sex.

Ahem …. That’s one way to discuss this ad, made in Chile.

Another is to say, ‘Grow up boys. Stop trying to bag awards. Create a grown-up ad that makes a difference instead of records on You Tube.

Because – and I’m guessing here – I’d say that ad was created by fellas – boys whose lives haven’t been touched by the bitch that is breast cancer. Guys who quite understandably see the word ‘breast’ and think ‘sex’.

They see the word, ‘cancer’ and think, ‘awards’. If you can’t win a gong for a campaign for breast cancer awareness, you’re just not trying.

It will take those boys years to realize that it is possible to talk about breasts and disease with humour and gravity – even to men. It takes a deft hand, experience and ticker, but it can be done as this ad, made in Scotland shows.


Do this kind of advertising right, and you might not win awards, but you could help save a woman’s life.

Do you love or loathe these ads? What sort of health messages in advertising do you listen to?

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