Watch Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon sticky tape each other’s faces.

blake lively on jimmy fallon

It’s immature, but it’s so so funny.

Twenty-seven-year-old actress/Upper East Sider/rival of Gwyneth Paltrow is doing the interview rounds to promote her new movie The Age of Adaline and stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s show.

Fallon and Lively played a game called ‘Say Anything.’ One person has to say any word at all and the other person has to follow this up with another word. Whoever loses gets sticky-tape stuck to their face by the winner. It’s really compelling stuff and we’re still not quite sure how it works.

Watch the video below. Post continues after video. 

We learnt two things from this game. First, Fallon, a professional interviewer, is incredibly bad at saying words. Second, Lively gets a kick out of making people look horrible with sticky-tape.

Let’s just look at Fallon again, shall we?

Jimmy Fallon


And again.

Jimmy Fallon 2


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