Better than George Clooney.


You know, there’s always so much hoo-ha about how sexy George Clooney and Brad Pitt are. They have become almost shorthand for The Ultimate Really Hot Looking Man.

But I always forget about Rob Lowe and really I must not forget. Must. Not. Because Rob was my first ever proper celebrity crush, back in the days of St Elmo’s Fire.

I didn’t watch West Wing but I should have because he was in it. Ditto Brothers and Sisters.
The fact he is married – happily and normally – to a non-celebrity and non-supermodel woman called Sheryl (see her after the jump) who used to be a make-up artists and they’ve been married for years and have kids? That makes him even more sexy to me in a way that all of George’s bachelor posturing isn’t.

But there’s a bit of trouble in Rob Town……

It seems the Lowe family babysitter is trying to blackmail them.


Rob has posted a piece called “Household Betrayal” on the Huffington Post about it.

Here’s an excerpt:

A former employee is demanding my wife Sheryl and I pay her $1.5
million by the end of the week or she will accuse us both of a vicious
laundry list of false terribles. It is an attempt to damage and
humiliate not only my wife and me, but our two young sons as well. My
family is devastated at this betrayal; this woman worked in our home
and traveled with us off and on for seven years, without complaint. In
fact, she left other jobs to return to work for us three different

During her time in our home my wife tried to mentor this young woman.
She took her into her confidence. We took her into our hearts. Having
18 years of sobriety, both my wife and I tried to be supportive as she
struggled with personal issues. But we never saw this coming.
Apparently, she wanted more. Recently, a colleague of hers has come
forward to reveal that this young woman had “a crush” on me and told
her on many occasions, “I wish he would get a divorce.”

And another pic of Rob. With Sheryl.


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