What were the best and worst bits of your week?

So. How’s your week been? (Image via Pinterest)





It’s always going to be a great week when it starts with members of Destiny’s Child popping out of a stage to remind the world they bought the shoes on their feet.

That was Monday – the Superbowl – and if everyone I’ve spoken to is correct, Beyonce’s half time performance was better that the game itself.

Welcome to Mamamia’s Best and Worst of the week. This post is almost as old as the site itself, and over the years it’s taken on many roles. It’s a therapist that doesn’t cost any money. It’s a chance to catch up with old (e)friends. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a mug of tea.


So my best this week? I’m enjoying normality. There have been a few days in a row where I haven’t had much on when I can just go to work, (pretend to) go to the gym, cook for the people I love, catch up on an episode of Girls, go to bed and then do it all again the next day. Some people would call that boring… I’m going to opt for awesome.

And worsts? Same sex marriage. This week, members of the UK parliament voted in a favour of a Bill that would legalise gay marriage. Awesome step for them but a reminder of just how far behind Australia is. My other worst is that I’m missing my family pretty terribly…. And it’s only been two weeks since I’ve seen them. Gah.

Over to you – how’s your week been?


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