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Top 10 fragrances for men

Top 10 fragrances for men

Welcome to a post about dinner parties sponsored by Smirnoff, the last in a series of posts around creating the perfect dinner party.  Today we are looking for your best or worst dinner party stories. But first, Sponsored Post contributor Linda writes…..

“Just a couple of weeks ago now Kim Kardashian was celebrating her birthday all over the show.  Quite literally .  She was reportedly paid huge sums of money to appear at her own party.  Not just once or twice but seven times.

One can only wonder what the actual birthday dinner was like.  You know the ACTUAL party with the friends and family that weren’t paid to appear and just wanted to hang with Kim and wish her a happy birthday. I’m guessing Hollywood party planner, big budget, elaborate guest list and Samantha Ronson as private DJ.

But who needs a big budget when you have Smirnoff ready made cocktails that you can just pour over ice, a great group of friends and something to eat. Heck, pizza will do.

During the last month on Mamamia we have been in full dinner party planning action.  We have discussed menus and decor, we’ve chatted about dresses and outfits and we gone through the all important preparation phase...

Today, courtesy of Smirnoff, and because the Kardashian 30th birthday party soirees are officially over,  we are asking you to tell us about the best or worst dinner party that you have ever been to.

Smirnoff have a range of ready made cocktails that are ready to drink (and serve) without the fuss and bother of muddling and stirring.  Simply pour and enjoy . The cocktail range is perfect for sipping on while getting ready for a big night, perfect for a lazy summer BBQ or perfect for a dinner party so you’re not stuck mixing drinks in the kitchen.

You can choose from the following flavours;

  • Vodka Mojito which is a perfectly balanced blend of crisp clean Smirnoff Vodka, Kaffir Lime Liquor and natural mint flavour;
  • Grand Cosmopolitan which is a professional shake of crisp clean Smirnoff Vodka, Triple Sec Liquor and a splash of Cranberry juice;
  • Pomegranate Martini – a delicious blend of Smirnoff Vodka, pomegranate juice, Meyer Lemon Flavoured Liqueur, and natural lemon flavour.”

What made your dinner party great or er, not so great?  Was it the food or the cocktails, the people or  the music?  Did you end up staying way past the time you were expected to leave or couldn’t you leave soon enough?

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