Best and worst of the week.

So. Tell us about your week….






Is it Friday already? How did that happen?

The good news is that it’s time to get comfy and gather round and talk about how your week’s been. Grab a tea or coffee – I’m on peanut butter toast – and tell us the best bits, tell us the worst bits and tell us what’s on your mind. (OMM).

Best: Offspring. Were you watching the season finale? I wasn’t hooked from the get-go but I kept coming back – mostly because of Dr Chris Hamil and Nina’s wardrobe – and slowly it has developed into a bit of an obsession.

Usually when I watch TV, I’m surrounded by my laptop, iPad and phone (it’s disgusting, I know) but on Wednesday night it was just me, a cup of tea and Patrick Reid. Which was a little bit heaven. AND my best of the week became even better when Channel 10 announced they had signed the show for another 2 seasons.

Worst: The story of Thomas Kelly – the 18-year-old who was king hit in Kings Cross over the weekend. His parents switched off his life support on Monday night. Before he went out on the evening he was hit, Thomas’ parents said to him: “Please be careful, please take care”. We ran a post by Ben Fordham who interviewed Thomas’ dad – it’s beautiful and heartbreaking all at once.

Someone out there saw something or heard something or knows something – that can help police to solve this terrible crime. Is it you? In case it was, here’s the number you call call – 1800 333 000 (Crime Stoppers)

Over to you…. How’s your week been?

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