Best and worst of the week

It’s Friday! And that means it’s also time for you to come and share your best and worst bits of the week. Whether it’s been a big week or a quiet one, there’s something very cathartic about sharing these moments with strangers – so if you’ve never left a comment, why not try it today?

Best: Someone emailed me this gallery yesterday and I cried. Seriously. If you’ve found yourself losing a bit of faith in humanity lately, take a flick through – I guarantee it will put at least a tiny smile on your face. Thanks Buzzfeed.

(Note: If the gallery isn’t working for you, try hitting Ctrl+R.)

Worst: The tragedies in the news this week. For one, the Australian woman murdered in Phuket – that hit pretty close to home, considering that the day before I was speaking to two different friends about their dreamy Thailand holidays. And just last night, hearing the news about the asylum seeker boat, which overturned north of Christmas Island just broke my heart. Welcome to Australia said it best on their Facebook page: “Grieving over the tragic loss off Christmas Island. People fleeing oppression we can’t imagine, meeting a fearful end beyond our comprehension.”

What were your best and worst bits of the week?

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