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Happy Friday and welcome to one of our favourite posts of the week – Best and Worst. It’s your chance to get together with the rest of the Mamamia community and talk about the highs and the lows of your week, as well as anything else that’s on your mind. If you’ve never posted on Best and Worst before, why don’t you take a chance and try it today? It’s fun. We promise.

Every week, we hand it over to a Mamamia reader to host. Don’t forget – if you want a chance to host, email [email protected] with your full name, headshot and a short bio (include any links to your blog/Twitter etc), and we’ll take it from there.)

Now – introducing Kate. She writes:

Best: Booking flights to America for the end of year. My fiancé and I are forced to take annual leave over the Christmas holidays (like most people), so we decided, this year, to take advantage of that and go overseas. Although it will be my fourth time in the country, I seem to love it more each time I go. Also, planning the holiday. I know that we have nine months before we actually go but I love planning holidays. I still like there to be spontaneity in finding towns and exploring but planning a few places and finding things you can do in that town/ city I find quite fun. I am also excited to show him around the places that I have been and loved. Especially Las Vegas – I know it is the epitome of tacky, but it will be the first time there that I will be legal. I don’t really like drinking alcohol but I am really excited to by my own drinks and be actually able to play black jack or the ‘slots’ (not that I know how to). I feel like I have just turned 18 again. It’s a bit sad really.

Worst: I work in customer service and some of the people that ring through to my switch board are so rude. I know I should just take it with a grain of salt and move on, but it seems to be that basic manners are very hard to come by. Please and thank you are pretty simple words but they work so well when you want something. I think the ‘old’ saying is “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Rant over.

OMM: Spending money. We have nine months to save… I have faith we can do it. It’s just those pesky unexpected costs that I am worried about. Plus travel insurance. I am still finding companies and getting quotes. There are so many to choose from. Can anyone recommend one?

Kate McLeod is a twenty year old full time receptionist who hopes to open up her own combined café/ bookstore and floristry in the future. She blogs here and you can find her on Twitter here.

What was your best and worst of the week and what’s on your mind?

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