Best and worst bits of the week

The 7 things no-one wants to hear you talk about

The 7 things no-one wants to hear you...

It’s Friday.  At last, or so quickly -depending on the week you’ve had.

The best thing about Friday? Is is the beginning of the weekend? Is it the end of the week? No- it’s best and worst time.

This is YOUR space – your space to vent, to rant, to celebrate and rejoice. No problem too big, no triumph too small. Consider this your conversation pit as we go around and share what were the best and worst parts of the week

It’s quite cathartic to share your worsts and of course, it’s always wonderful to think about and reflect on your bests. So join in. It’s the Mamamia community at its best.

So tell us – what were your best and worst moments of the week and what is on your mind?


What do you think?


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