Waleed Aly calls for a nationwide ban on a product millions use everyday.

Video via Channel 10

The Project has taken a stand on “one of the biggest sources of pollution on the planet” and is calling for an Australia-wide ban on plastic bags.

Addressing Victorian, New South Wales and Western Australian premiers, host Waleed Aly delivered an impassioned speech he co-wrote with The Project’s managing editor Tom Whitty.

“On average, a plastic bag is used for just 12 minutes. 12 minutes carrying your groceries to the car, and from the car to your pantry,” Aly said.

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“After that, it’s tossed away and it takes 1000 years to break down.

“Your great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren will share a planet with the plastic bag that you just used to bring home tonight’s dinner.”

Aly explained that while South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, the ACT and Queensland have all either banned plastic bags or are in the process of phasing them out – the other three states had only “talked about it”.


He also pointed out Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world, listing several countries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa who have already stopped using them.

Meanwhile, here in Australia, the vast majority of people are supportive of a plastic bag ban.

Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg told The Project he’d support a ban and Clean Up Australia is backing the call, Aly said.

“And Coles and Woolies, who are responsible for giving out billions of plastic bags in this country each year, told The Project they would willingly comply with state bans.” Not to mention Aldi, which already charges money for thicker, multi-use plastic bags.

All that’s left is for NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Victorian Premer Daniel Andrews, and WA Premier Mark McGowan to agree to (and follow through on) a ban on plastic bags.

The Project and Clean Up Australia have started a petition on Change.org. You can show your support for by signing here. You can also Tweet using #BanTheBag.


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