Baby has baby.

Try as I may, I can’t find it in me to care very much about Jamie Lynn Spears and her baby. She’s 17. Not ideal. But she’s a Spears so….you know. The fact she’s wearing knickers and has her own hair is in her favour at this juncture.
I did an interview for the Sunday Age last week about the whole celebrity baby thing and why we care so much. The journalist asked me if people always secretly hoped celebrity babies would be ugly. I had never considered that before. I think most babies look the same pretty much. Unless they are your own in which case there is no more perfect looking creature on earth.
Excerpts from Jamie Lynn’s terribly, reassuringly boring interview with OK after the jump.

While the former Zoey 101 star and her fiancé have not yet set a date for their wedding, the couple remains closer than ever.  Jamie Lynn, who tells OK!
that while her labor was induced, she gave birth naturally and without
complications, says that Casey was the one person she wanted in the
delivery room with her.

“Once I got in there, my doctor was
just so calm and so good it was not bad at all,” she says. “I was just
talking to Casey. And you know what’s so weird? I was asking him if he
was okay. He was like, ‘Yeah.’ We were both so excited.”

A baby
nursery is set up for little Maddie at the other end of the house, but
for now her proud parents like having her next to them at night, so she
sleeps in a bassinet in the same room as Jamie Lynn and Casey.

is very good,” says Jamie Lynn. “She’ll feed every two or three hours.
When she wakes up in the middle of the night, I’ll feed her and she
goes right back to sleep. There’s no screaming and crying.”


proud mama continues, “We get up in the morning, and she gets her
little bath. Then I get my bath. We have a routine, and I love
routines. I’ve worked one out with her, and we’re happy going about our
little life.”

[source: OK magazine]


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