The Voice. The judges. The hotness. Discuss.

Were you one of the 2.518 million people watching The Voice last night? Or the 2.69 million people watching on Sunday night? Ratings just keep going up and up for the new show – it clocked up 2.1 million viewers on last week’s Sunday night debut, 2.54 million on Monday night and 2.37 million on Tuesday night.

It’s all we’ve been talking about in the office. With that in mind we’ve decided to summarise the main talking points so you can get involved in the conversation too.

1. Mahalia Barnes.

It didn’t take long for all four judges to turn their chairs when Mahalia Barnes took to the stage. She’s Jimmy Barnes’ daughter (and David Campbell’s sister) and she had the judges dancing in their chairs with her rendition of Proud Mary. There’s no doubt she’s extraordinary, but there’s been a bit of debate over whether she has an unfair advantage given her previous experience and, well, genetics.

What did you think?













2.Judges with wives named Nicole.

Tracey Grimshaw tweeted this last night and we thought she was spot on.

Tracey's tweet








3. The mother/daughter duo.

“Are you mental?” was the question put the the judges from one contestant – Shauna Jensen – when they failed to press their buttons and turn around first for her daughter, and then for her. “I think you all made a big mistake,” she said. Shauna and her daughter Rebekah decided not to perform together, and instead tried their luck as individuals.

Seal responded: “You have to make me a believer or I cannot connect with that star quality.”

4. Seal’s dance moves.

We’d seen the bright yellow nail polish and last night we learnt Seal also has a preference for red boots. The red boots came out dancing when 20-year-old Emma Louise performed Duffy’s Mercy. Seal got out of his red chair and took his red boots to the stage and danced with the Emma as her mum and Nanna looked on from behind the scenes.

How she kept on singing, we’re still trying to understand. Props to her.

5. The judges.

While everyone’s loving Joel Madden, falling for Keith Urban and offering to give away their first born to be taken into Seal’s hands, there’s one judge that’s not generating such love. I don’t want to dwell on what being said about the woman who was formally known as ‘Australia’s sweetheart,’ but there’s been a lot of vitriol on the internet this week, which I find disappointing.

What’s with the nasty? The Voice is such an uplifting show, why do we always have to find something/someone to put down?

6. The tweets.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to get on twitter, can I suggest now? These reality shows are even better when taken with a dose of social media. Whether you tweet yourself, or just follow the people that do, it’s a great way to get involved with the show – short of being in the audience (which FYI is near impossible… we’ve tried.)

Here are some of the tweets that have got our attention during the past few episodes.

(Oh and if you do give Twitter a try, be sure to follow Mamamia while you’re there ;))

Note: This post is not sponsored by Channel Nine or The Voice (or Delta Goodrem for that matter.) Nope. Like you, we just really enjoy watching the show.

Are you watching The Voice? Want to talk about it? Comments are all yours…

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