New dating trend: hooking up in airports

You could be just like this couple embracing on a tarmac. Very unsafe, but also romantic.



So you’re stuck at the airport. Your plane has been delayed. Your phone battery is almost dead and power points are scarce.

You wouldn’t mind a drink, but you don’t want to sit at the airport bar alone in case people think you are a loser with a drinking problem (no judgement).

If only you could have a drink with a pleasant, good-looking stranger. Preferably one who shares your interests in dogs  and films starring Rebel Wilson. You could have a chat, enjoy a flirt and perhaps share a snack. What a top way to kill time, really.

Introducing Steve Pasternack, the creator of It’s a dating website for bored and lonely travellers, or businesspeople who find themselves spending a lot of time in airports. Steve created the site after his plane was delayed in early 2011 and noticed a lot of people “at the bar, looking for something to do”.

Apparently, the site – which asks normal RSVP-like-personal-interest questions, as well as flight details and departure airport – now has about 20,000 members from all over the world. According to their website: “the fun doesn’t begin when the airplane arrives at its destination, the fun begins when you arrive at the airport!”

It’s a romantic comedy waiting to happen.

At first, airline dating seems like a romantic comedy waiting to happen. Boy logs into airport dating site, finds girl, meets girl at the Qantas lounge. Boy and girl continue meeting up at airports all over the world until they finally realise their undying love for each other.

They leave their high-paying, high-flying jobs behind for a happy life together, involving a house with a white picket fence and absolutely no airports. Because they’re sick of them.  Pass the popcorn.

But when you consider it a little more, airline dating may just be the least practical idea ever. Because people stuck in airports are generally in foul moods.

Mamamia writer, Nat, was delayed in Brisbane a few weeks ago and had to wait eight hours for a new flight. It was 11pm and she had BB cream all over her clothes (because she thought it might be a good idea to open a magazine sample of BB cream on the plane).

Nat hadn’t eaten anything in 10 hours (unless you count a few Mentos. She had run out of water and the bathrooms at the airport only had hot water taps).

In summary: Nat was tired, cranky and in desperate need of a shower/water/food. She would have sooner stapled her face to a tree than met up with a total stranger for a drink.

What do you think of airline dating? Does the concept have serious potential or is it just seriously stupid?


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