The Mamamia Team

Co-founder, Creative Director: Mia Freedman

Editorial and Product Director: Rebecca Jacobs

Head of News: Gemma Garkut

Head of Entertainment: Holly Wainwright

Head of Editorial Strategy: Shannon O’Meara (currently on maternity leave)

Morning Editor: Valentina Todoroska

Evening Editor: Kahla Preston

Entertainment and Pop Culture Editor: Laura Brodnik

Health, Beauty and Style Editor: Edwina Carr Barraclough

Parenting Editor: Alys Gagnon

Lifestyle Editor: Jacqueline Lunn

Executive Producer, Podcasts: Monique Bowley

Executive Producer, Video: Briony Benjamin

Weekend Editor: Sophie Aubrey

Laura, Edwina, Alys, Jacqueline and Monique. 

Editorial Strategy Manager: Amy Cooper

Content Producers: Shauna AndersonMeredith Eriksson, Katy Hall, Luca LavigneBelinda Jepsen and Jo Robin (News); Brittany Stewart (Health, Beauty and Style); Rachel Curtis (Specialist Writer, Parenting); Caitlin Bishop (Specialist Writer, Relationships and Lifestyle); Jo Abi, Lucy Gransbury and Maggie Kelly (Lifestyle)

Video: Clare Gerber (Creative Producer); Vicki Bobotis, Nia Nguyen and Shayni Notelovitz (Video Editors)

Podcasts: Elissa Ratliff (Podcast Producer) and Rachel Wagner (Junior Podcast Producer)

Social Producer: Josh Britt

intern at Mamamia

Some of Mamamia's Sydney team.

Branded Content: Ruby Thomas (Branded Content Manager); Andi McDermott, Mary Grew and Natalia Krslovic (Branded Content Specialists)

Site Coordinators: Michelle Andrews,  Clare Stephens, Jessie Stephens

Editorial Assistants: Abby Ballard, Alexandra Houle, Claire de Freitas, Hannah Diviney, Jessica Chambers, Zara McDonald, Zoe Rochford.

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