25 Awesome (and Important) Messages from a Mum to her Daughter

Modern Etiquette: The Re-Gifting Dilemma

Modern Etiquette: The Re-Gifting Dilemma

1.     Being a woman is something to be very proud of.

2.     Being healthy is far more important than how much you weigh.

3.     There are a billion shades of beautiful. Don’t buy into the one that the media portrays.

4.     Your body is your temple. YOUR temple. Don’t let anyone invade your space if you feel uncomfortable about it.

5.     Never be afraid to speak your mind. You are a woman, hear you roar!

6.     It’s okay to touch yourself and learn what makes you feel good. That’s healthy.

7.     Don’t give your virginity to someone unworthy of it.

8.     Be wary of older men who show you attention while you are still a teenager.

9.     Don’t date rock stars or footballers.

10.  If you try drugs, never do it alone. Only with people you trust.

11.  Don’t drink just because your friends are. It’s not cool.

12.  Don’t have sex after drinking too much. You’ll regret it.

13.  Never wrongly accuse a boy/man of rape.

14.  Take contraception and safe sex very, very seriously.

15.  If you fall pregnant, talk to someone you trust who will help you with your options.

16.  Pregnancy termination is your right as a woman.

17.  Don’t get married early. The odds are so stacked against you, it’s not worth the risk.

18.  Find what your greatest passion is and follow it, indulge in it and revel in it.

19.  If you have a child with a man, respect that he is an equal parent and important to your child. Choose the father of your children EXTREMELY CAREFULLY!

20.  When you do become a mother, you’ll realise the need to thank your own mother for her love. It is timeless and unconditional!

21.  If you dig other chicks, that is supremely cool and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

22.  If you choose not to have children, that’s perfectly fine and dandy.

23.  You can do any job a man can do (except be the Pope). Don’t be afraid to demand equal pay.

24.  Don’t smoke.

And of course…

25.  Always wear sunscreen.

Nikki McWatters is the author of 'One Way or Another', reformed rock and roll groupie – now – mother of the band. You can follow her on Twitter @nikkimcwatters or read more articles on her blog here and you can also download a copy of her book here (or buy a hard copy here).

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